July 10, 2020

The self-employed will not pay the fees and will have direct unemployment

A manager will take care of the contributions. The president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, has communicated it on social networks

The freelancers have succeeded. The Government has backtracked and will provide full coverage to self-employed workers. They are authorized to request the unemployment benefit directly – between 660 and 950 euros on average, among those who contribute the least and those who most – and to dispense with the payment of the self-employed quotas immediately and without bureaucratic procedures – you will not have to unsubscribe either from the Treasury or from the Social Security.

He has been the president of the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA), Lorenzo Amor -the most combative since the royal decree of economic measures to deal with this health crisis was known-, the one that through social networks has announced this modification, what will be definitively approved by means of a Social Security resolution. As explained, while the alarm status lasts it will be a managing entity which is responsible for all contributionsTherefore, it is she and not the self-employed person who, from now on, contributes for him without having to unsubscribe from Social Security. Although this provision has not been officially approved, Amor has asked that, “so that no time is lost”, the procedures can be started to be able to collect as soon as possible the benefit, which will be paid monthly in arrears and will have an extension of 30 days if necessary. Self-employed workers must request this benefit for cessation of activity in mutuals, in order to thus access the exemption of quotas and the granting of the benefit.

The self-employed who request it have 70% of the contribution base insured, without distinction of models -except in the case of the self-employed with dependent workers, who are expected to be able to collect their aid once an ERTE has been carried out, and the self-employed with multiple activities, who do not yet know in what situation they are-, that is, practically all self-employed -also those who are quoted by modules- can access it, including those with a flat rate or bonuses. In both cases, they may request the benefit without renouncing their improvements.


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