March 1, 2021

The self-employed suffered 34,605 ​​accidents in 2019, 74 fatal, according to ATA

The Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA) has reported this Sunday that 2019 closed with 34,605 ​​accidents of self-employed workers, of which 74 were fatal, 36 very serious and 808 serious.

According to the report on occupational accidents in the autonomous sector, the services sector accounted for 4 out of 10 occupational accidents of self-employed workers, while Castilla y León was the community with the most accidents.

“The self-employed suffer more serious and very serious accidents than the wage earners”, denounces the ATA report, which indicates that 2.3% of the self-employed have had a serious accident in 2019 compared to 0.7% of the workers per account outside, and 0.1% suffered a very serious accident compared to 0.02% of employees.

ATA recalls that in 2019 the self-employed began to contribute for professional contingencies and yet 74 workers of this group lost their lives.

“The real data on the total of the group show the lack of a preventive culture that salaried workers have had. We believe that administrations must fulfill their role of guardianship and surveillance of occupational health conditions in which the self-employed they lend their work, “says ATA Secretary General José Luis Perea.

Of the 34,605 ​​occupational accidents suffered by the self-employed in 2019, 68.2% were 23,593 accidents in the usual workplace, while 5,643 were registered in displacement and another 2929 accidents in another center.

When freelancers went to and from work last year they suffered 2,440 accidents.

The services sector, which brings together 2.17 million freelancers, was the one with the highest accident rate (13,695 accidents), followed by construction (9,025 accidents), agriculture (4,365) and transport (3,626).

“We must regret 26 fatal accidents during the day of work of freelancers in the service sector, 18 under construction, 11 in industry and 12 in agriculture,” says the study that also indicates that 80.8% of the accidents were suffered by men ( 27,990).

Castilla y León was the autonomous community that recorded the most fatal accidents in 2019 with a total of 13 deaths. Andalusia and Galicia lost 12 freelancers each and Catalonia, 11 workers.

In Aragon there were 7 autonomous accidents with fatal results and in Castilla-La Mancha, 6.


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