The self-employed praise that unemployment can be made compatible with another benefit

The main self-employed associations, ATA, UPTA and UATAE, have assessed that the Government has approved that the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity can be made compatible with the collection of any other benefit, as reflected in the decree Law on agricultural employment measures.

The BOE publishes this Wednesday the decree law by which certain urgent measures are adopted in the field of agricultural employment and modifies article 17 of the decree regulating extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity.

The organizations of ATA, UPTA and UATAE have agreed in praising that "some of the gaps and deficiencies that the benefit due to cessation of activity had, as well as the lack of legal certainty, have been rectified."

The president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, recalled that the cessation benefit may be collected together with other aid such as widowhood and orphanhood, although it is established that the self-employed person is on sick leave due to common illness, occupational disease or paternity or maternity leave. .

"In addition, legal security is granted as we have been claiming by including that it will not be necessary to process the right to this benefit to process the withdrawal in the corresponding Social Security regime," adds Amor, who also values ​​that the duration is one month ", expanding, in his case, until the last day of the month in which the alarm state ends ".

UPTA President Eduardo Abad has pointed out that close to 70,000 self-employed workers will be able to combine the extraordinary benefit of cessation of activity with another Social Security benefit and has stated that they are "good news and necessary" to reverse situations of "tremendous fragility "that the self-employed pass.

In addition, he pointed out that according to approximate data from the "Mutual de trabajo" no less than one million "self-employed workers, he is already processing the termination benefit.

UATAE also values ​​this relaxation in the cessation of activity but has regretted, through a statement, that there is still an "absolute lack of protection for the seasonal self-employed" and the difficulties in accessing the benefit for self-employed workers without assigned mutual funds have not been resolved.

He also criticizes the rigidity for the accreditation of loss of income, the lack of specification of the means of proof for freelancers in modules and calls for the moratorium on the payment of the effective fee since April "without further delay".

Employees of the special system on behalf of an agrarian employee who reduce their activity even if they do not stop may also benefit from the cessation of activity, as well as the self-employed dedicated to cinematographic, sound, video, television and artist activities, who see their work diminished even if they continue.


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