March 9, 2021

The self-employed of commerce, those who later retire

The group of self-employed workers is the one that most extends their professional career, above the minimum retirement age. In particular, more than 120,000 self-employed workers are still active after 65 years of age, of which one in four work in retail and wholesale (31,005). After the self-employed of the trade, are farmers (12,658 self-employed workers over 65) and workers in small catering establishments (9,728), followed by professionals from other sectors such as transport, health or education, according to data collected by the Union of Professionals and Autonomous Workers (UPTA).

This association believes that the main cause is the insufficient career of contribution, since 40% of these self-employed entered the labor market at a late age. In the opinion of the organization, many self-employed are forced to extend their professional activity beyond 70 years due to the "pírricas bases for which they have quoted" and because they have started late to quote, which leaves them in a precarious situation.

As for the latest official figures on affiliation to the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA), since January of this year their number has not stopped growing and now stands at 52,000 new net additions. Immigrant self-employment has contributed almost 35% of these highs so far this year, with almost 18,000 self-employed workers. Good data are also those coming from hiring in our collective, the number of companies with less than five workers increases by 2,954 and companies with one worker fall by 583. Hospitality is the sector where highest have been produced, 2,870, followed of construction, with 1,758, and commerce, with 1,220.

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