July 10, 2020

The self-employed demand that the Government immediately suspend their payments

A campaign on Change.org exceeds 600,000 signatures: “It cannot be that we paralyze the activity, do not generate income and continue to assume the expenses”

They can’t take it anymore. Since this coronavirus crisis began The self-employed have become one of the most tax-punished groups. The closure of shops, bars, shops, theaters, exhibition halls … leads most to collapse in their companies, bankruptcy and, of course, the dismissal of their workers.

From the Change.org platform they wanted to report their situation and to demand that the Government, specifically the Ministry of Finance, immediately suspend the payment of the self-employed. “There are no tranches, hardly any aid, or diligence when dealing with the problems of more than 3 million Spaniards which are the basis of the country’s economic system. More than 86% we quote on the minimum basis, ”says Gonzalo Escarpa, the creator of this campaign that exceeds 600,000 signatures. And it is that, as well explains “We can’t afford anything else.”

The creator of this initiative assures that after the measures taken to contain the coronavirus, they have suffered all kinds of cancellations and “His months work has been abruptly stopped.” It goes without saying that they do not question the measures taken by the Government, far from it, but they do not understand that “Nobody realizes the immense losses that this quarantine represents for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who have had to close down their companies.”

“It’s enough”

And while eagerly awaiting the measures that the Government will take, do not rule out that, finally, they are beneficial only for companies “that almost certainly do not need it”. Thus, unbelievers, they request the Tax Agency to have “A small gesture with SMEs and the self-employed, that we are the ones who pay, sometimes, an amount that devours our presumed benefitss and it leads us to work simply to cover our many expenses. “And maybe, just maybe,” it is enough, “says the creator of the campaign.

Many are the signatories who suffer this situation in the first person: “It cannot be that we paralyze the activity, do not generate income and continue to bear the costs.” A situation that is repeated in each of the comments that reinforce this request: “I am self-employed, I have my business closed to help stop this health crisis and I cannot cope with the payments. ”


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