July 2, 2020

The self-employed associations launch guidelines for labor and fiscal action in the face of the coronavirus crisis

Self-employed workers can solve many of their doubts on the ATA, UPTA and Uatae websites.

Thousands of self-employed workers are directly suffering the impact of this health crisis, both on their business activities and on their working lives. Doubts about how to act before this situation have multiplied and, therefore, the three most important associations of this group -ATA, UPTA and UATEA- have multiplied their activity these days. Through the media, social networks and their own web pages they try to keep their associates and other self-employed workers informed. For this reason, they have enabled action guides that report on the royal decree law approved by the Government, on how to act before the application of an ERTE or provide tax information, on deadlines and self-assessment filings.

The Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA) has launched a free advice office for self-employed workers with all the news that has emerged up to now through its official website, in which it has included various guides, including those on how to apply for termination activity-updated daily with each change that occurs by public institutions. It can be accessed on the web ata.es and through the link https://ata.es/asesamiento/

For its part, the Union of Professionals and Autonomous Workers (UPTA) urges the Ministry of Social Security to prepare a general access guide with the procedures to apply for the benefit and also requires that, in common agreement with the work and the organizations of self-employed workers, the necessary channels for the affirmative settlement of all the applications that are submitted. You have also enabled on your website (upta.es) three informative links: “Solve your doubts about the cessation of activity”, “Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 of March 17” and another explaining the “Second package of extraordinary measures”.

The Union of Associations of Self-Employed Workers and Entrepreneurs (Uatae) has released three practical informative guides so that self-employed workers know their rights and the aids, mechanisms and coverage they have to face the economic blow in their activity that is supplying the coronavirus crisis. Uatae has posted on their website (www.uatae.org) three materials that address in a pedagogical and simple way the measures contemplated within the actions approved by the Government as well as the necessary procedures to take advantage of them. Specifically, it is: a guide on the royal decree, another explanatory on the processing of ERTE and a third on tax obligations.


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