August 5, 2020

The self-employed ask to pay only half the rent for the premises during the alarm

Self-employed workers in Madrid propose that during the state of alarm due to the coronavirus pandemic, 50% of the rental of business premises be exonerated, leaving the amount and deadlines to pay the non-exonerated half to the will of the lessor and lessee.

In a press release, the Madrid Association of Autonomous Workers (AMTAS) -Union of Professionals and Autonomous Workers (UPTA), says that if the suspension of business activity obeys the state of alarm decreed by the Government, in application of the Civil Code “We are faced with an assumption of income exemption ‘due to force majeure'”.

Therefore, he says, the lessee would be exempt from paying the rent under the terms established in the contract from the date the measure comes into force.

According to the AMTAS-UPTA note, this means that, in reference to March, “there is an obligation to pay the rent pro rata for the period from March 1 to March 14,” the date on which the Government decreed the state alarm throughout Spain.

AMTAS-UPTA proposes this formula that “so that there is an equitable distribution” between the lessor and lessee of the damages caused “and it is not excessively onerous for the lessee.”

The secretary general of AMTAS-UPTA, César García, says in the note that his organization has informed the Government of this proposal “so that it can be urgently addressed.”

“The self-employed, especially those who have seen their activities suspended, need complementary measures to be implemented to the aid already approved by the Government in order to face the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves with minimum guarantees,” says the note from these entrepreneurs.


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