January 23, 2021

The Selectivity will be face-to-face and will be held before June 18

Students at the University of Malaga in the EBAU tests.

Students at the University of Malaga in the EBAU tests.

The Evaluation of the Baccalaureate for University Access (EBAU), also known as Selectivity, will finally be celebrated this year in a face-to-face, despite the coronavirus pandemic and the extraordinary measures taken because of it. And they will have to be held before June 18.

This is stated in the order of the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, published this Wednesday in the BOE, which determines the characteristics, design and content of the Baccalaureate assessment for access to the University , and the maximum dates of completion and resolution of the review procedures for the qualifications obtained, in the 2020-2021 academic year.

The document does not establish a telematic or online alternative to holding the tests in person, as this order did in November, when it was in the draft phase.

In this sense, the document now states that “taking into account the public health emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 (the educational administrations, in collaboration with the universities) will ensure that the necessary procedures are arbitrated to guarantee its normal celebration on the scheduled dates, regardless of the exceptional measures that may be implemented at that time in their respective territories. ”

Dates and duration

The now published order also dates the tests, stating that “The tests must end before June 18, 2021” and that “the provisional results of the tests will be published before June 25”.

This supposes take the exams on the usual dates and not at such late dates like last year, since the tests were delayed until the summer by the state of alarm, which decreed the closure of all educational centers on March 16. Thus, the Selectivity of 2020 began on June 23, extending in most autonomous communities until the first two weeks of July.

Likewise, the tests corresponding to the extraordinary call could be held in July or September, according to what the competent educational Administration decides. In the case of being held in the month of July, the exams would have to be carried out before July 16, while if they are carried out in September, they would have to be before the 16th.

Regarding the duration of the Selectivity, the order establishes that “a duration of a maximum of four days“, while” in those autonomous communities with a co-official language, it will preferably have a duration of a maximum of five days. ”

Multiple choice questions

The order also contemplates, as it happened last year by the COVID-19, what there will only be “a single exam proposal with several questions”, but the students will be able to choose, within a number previously determined by the competent body, which questions to answer.

In this way, the number of questions will be set so that “allow all students to achieve the highest score on the test, regardless of the circumstances in which he may have had access to teaching and learning during the suspension of the classroom activity “, states the ministerial order.

Regarding the type of questions that the exams will contain, the order establishes that each of the tests will consist of “open and semi-open questions that will require from the students the capacity for critical thinking, reflection and maturity “.

But in addition to these types of questions, you can also use “multiple choice questions”, that is, multiple choice, “provided that in each of the tests the score assigned to the total of open and semi-open questions reaches at least 50%”.


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