The seismicity is reactivated while the streams stop their advance

The published data by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) rIt is noteworthy that during the day on Wednesday, earthquakes with a mbLg magnitude of more than 3 degrees exceeded those below this power for the first time, with two of them of 4.8 that occurred at 00.23 hours and at 15.21 at depths greater than the 20 kilometers. And it is that up to 26 of the 174 registered earthquakes were felt by the population of the Island, of which at least two had an intensity IV-V. The latter is qualified by the Macroseismic Intensity Scale as «strong»As it is felt by the majority of the population that is inside the buildings and by some who are outside, as well as causing the hanging objects to oscillate considerably and cause little damage to the buildings. The Pevolca scientific committee has already been warning for days the possibility of reaching intensity VI, which can cause objects to fall to the ground and domestic animals can be scared, as well as cause possible landslides in sloping areas. For this reason, they recommend in these cases to be placed under the door frames or under a firm piece of furniture, such as a table, if people are inside a house and avoid the vicinity of structures if they are on the street.

«It is important and relevant to say that [la sismicidad] it has increased slightly ”, declared the technical director of Pevolca, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, who pointed out that this increase in magnitude had been located“ both at an intermediate level and at a deep level ”. For her part, the director of the IGN in the Canary Islands, María José Blanco, pointed out that there had been no “significant surface seismicity”. This last indicator predicts the possible generation of a new mouth outside the current volcanic building. This scenario has already been described by scientists as unlikely on previous occasions.

Morcuende reported at a press conference that, despite this increase in earthworks, the eruptive process leaves positive news. One of them is that all the laundry has been practically stopped for 72 hours. Both the one that is located 130 meters from the sea between the mountains of Todoque and La Laguna (number 7), the one that is at the gates of the church of San Isidro de La Laguna (number 8) and the one that was created last weekend weekdays south of the volcanic cone (number 10), about 300 meters from the Corazoncillo urbanization; they have not advanced or buried houses in the last three days.

So where is all the lava expelled from the volcano's four fractures going? The Pevolca technical director replied: "It basically goes by 1, by the original, and also by 4 (located in the vicinity of the Todoque neighborhood)." And he added that the volcanic material that rises to the surface is "filling in spaces that had not been trodden before", destroying some houses, and "increasing their height", with walls that at certain points exceed ten meters.

Another positive data is the deformation of the ground after the Jedey station detected an increase of 10 centimeters last Tuesday. María José Blanco declared that yesterday it had "almost completely reversed." This bulging of the earth pointed to a pocket of magmatic material below that point and, as the scientist recalled yesterday, it was a glimpse of a larger source of lava. The two previous episodes in which there had been a rise in the surface had been the preamble to days of destruction due to the growth of runoff.

There are other parameters that, on the other hand, continue to show a trend similar to that of previous days. This is the case of carbon dioxide in the volcano's plume, which stood at 37,350 tons, a value that is also probably underestimated, according to the scientific committee. The high presence of this gas indicates that the end of the eruption is still far away since it should be below 100 to finish. Likewise, the non-visible carbon dioxide emanation on the Cumbre Vieja ridge continues its increasing trend since October 22 with 1,330 tons last Tuesday.

Morcuende announced that today a protocol to notify the population will be finalized for when certain air quality thresholds are exceeded. This measure is taken after the presence of sulfur dioxide in the municipality of Puntagorda, in the northwest of the island, has been detected at certain times during successive days, above the recommended threshold. The technical director pointed out that the reason for these records is being studied and reported that they have not yet received any reports from people who have had health complications due to the presence of this gas. The new protocol comes accompanied with recommendations for the population when there is pollution in the atmosphere. Morcuende again recommended the use of FFP2 masks.


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