The seed of cultural change germinates in companies

Alberto Velazquez
Updated:05/01/2022 03:10h
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Last Thursday, the Vocento headquarters hosted the delivery of the XV Morgan Philips-ABC Awards to the Human Resources Department, an award that recognizes the best practices in people management every year. Sponsored by Volvo and GoFluent, this edition revolved around the motto: 'HR, Catalysing change in a sustainable way'.

Proactivity to build new models, adaptability to new environments and the importance of measuring indicators were some of the variables addressed in a conference in which Alfredo Santos, CEO of Morgan Philips Executive Search and FYTE (Find Your Talent Easily) , highlighted the fifteen-year history of awards: «Already in the first edition we addressed the importance of retaining talent.

And we continue to do so, in a context in which the contribution of our company in our different lines of business has managed to increase by 38% in the last 16 months.

Fernando Guijarro, CEO of Morgan Philips Talent Consulting, began by highlighting in his presentation how there had been a significant increase in applications "and that the call had been made in October 2021, when the situation was still complicated by the pandemic" . «We do not lose sight (he continued) of diversity, health and well-being or new ways of working, which must be integrated into the proactive management of Human Resources, as our finalists and winners have done, including , for example, attention has been paid to the intergenerational, in an environment in which, in Spain, 20% are over 65 years old, 25% expected in 2025».

talent in community

The members of the jury were Juan José Guajardo-Fajardo, director of HR, Communication and Marketing at Logista (president); Teresa Coelho, HR Leader, Partner at KPMG; Jesús Torres, global people director of Food Delivery Brands (Telepizza); Rafael Pérez, Chief HR Officer, Head of Legal, CSR, Communication & IT of Campofrío; Luisa Izquierdo, Director of Human Resources Spain and Portugal at Microsoft; Fernando Ramírez, Director of Human Resources at Navantia; and Laura Ojeda, HR director of Reckitt Hygiene Iberia (the last two, winners in 2021).

The finalists, structured in templates of less than and greater than 1,000 people, were José Manuel Gallardo, director of HR at Grupo Torrent (for the project 'Tribe + Sustainability x Transformation = Culture with impact'); Marta Real, director of Human Resources at Schwabe Farma Ibérica ('Silver Talent'); Álvaro Vázquez Losada, Director of HR (Iberia & Latam) at Securitas Direct ('Sustainability and people as the center of everything'); Eugenio de Miguel Vázquez, director of People and Culture at Aquaservice ('Ambassadors of Aquaservice culture') and Patricia Martínez Iñigo, general director of People at the Sacyr Group ('Circular Economy and People Management'), represented by Gerardo Lara, director of the Center for Development and Projects of the General Directorate of People at Sacyr.

the winners

José Manuel Gallardo collected the award for the family business with less than 1,000 employees (they have exceeded 400) which, since 1918, has been manufacturing caps (“closure solutions”, he pointed out). He highlighted how they decided to be inspired by the concept of 'tribe' as a way of uniting common values, around the concept of 'culture' as a series of common characteristics.

In the case of Vázquez Losada, he highlighted how Securitas Direct (award to a company with more than 1,000 employees) began a redesign of the Human Resources strategy four years ago, to consolidate the "virtuous circle of our internal and external clients." An effort that had to go through the rigors of the pandemic and that, as a result, offered the People Management team revealing evidence such as "that there was more follow-up in courses to manage stress, emotions versus, for example, those of use of Excel».

On this occasion, the jury awarded a second prize to the project presented by Sacyr, on which Gerardo Lara highlighted its basis for work: "Our main objective has been to integrate the operation of the circular economy into our people management model, basing it on the following three principles: preserve and improve natural capital, our human capital, optimize the use of resources and promote the efficiency of the system”.

New challenges

The day also served to address all kinds of issues from the importance of properly focusing business management, in times in which there is increasing emphasis on the importance of conciliation and the best possible use of time. Everything, in an environment of paradoxes such as the high unemployment figures (Spain doubles the average rate in the EU)... and in which thousands of jobs remain unfilled due to factors such as, among others, lack of qualification.

The 'business as usual', therefore, will not be the same, given the speed of the changes that we face in society, in which the data serves to measure the effect of actions such as those recognized in this call. There was talk of well-being and health in the broadest sense, of 'upskilling' (training in the same position or occupation) and 'reskilling' (to take a substantial turn, a new orientation)... keys to the 21st century for work and the people, typical of a review of the 'state of the work' which, as Alfredo Santos pointed out in the presentation of this call, entails «a pride, since these awards are recognized by the HR community in Spain as the most emblematic and representative by rewarding the best practices in this field».

Álvaro Vázquez Losada, HR Director (Iberia & Latam) at Securitas Direct - José Ramón LadraCategory of more than 1,000 employees

Álvaro Vázquez Losada, HR Director (Iberia & Latam) at Securitas Direct

«The project focuses on people (highlighted Vázquez Losada at the end of the day); The best way to have satisfied customers is to have satisfied employees, with special emphasis on measuring everything we do around three parameters such as social responsibility as a company, diversity and inclusion, and the development of our collaborators. Data and people form an invincible combination. Month after month, the team's work incorporated all kinds of actions, both internal communication and communication towards possible candidates to work in the company, with examples such as the LinkedIn campaign 'We are looking for young people over 50 years of age' or the action internal 'The Voice', by which the selection process for customer service began only by listening to the voice of the candidates (so that other types of factors did not influence possible decisions). The internal communication action 'She Leads' (to promote female leadership) is another of the keys to the success of the company's project.

José Manuel Gallardo, HR Director at Grupo Torrent - José Ramón LadraCategory of less than 1,000 employees

José Manuel Gallardo, HR Director at Grupo Torrent

«It was necessary (highlighted the manager) a transformation that would ensure sustainability, in harmony with the culture. As with the tribes, we have had exponential growth that poses the risk that our values ​​will be lost, so we have to take people out of their comfort zone and convince them that these types of actions are the best for everyone. Once at that point, you have to communicate well so that our staff make the messages their own. As Gallardo recalled, the line of action faced, in the first place, the resistance to change in an environment, albeit one of absence of labor conflict, a high sense of belonging and a good strategic positioning thanks to a methodology clearly oriented to the customer. And he recognized the difficulty of working on the 'company culture' in SMEs that, moreover, are located in areas with a very low level of large industries, as is the case in Cádiz.

Gerardo Lara, director of the Center for Development and Projects of the General Directorate of People at Sacyr - José Ramón LadraAccésit more than 1,000 employees

Gerardo Lara, director of the Center for Development and Projects of the General Directorate of People at Sacyr

Gerardo Lara, who attended on behalf of Patricia Martínez Iñigo, general director of People at Sacyr, reviewed the keys to the 'Circular Economy and People Management' project: "These measures favor the system for using resources in which costs are optimised, talent is reused and knowledge is recycled, around the '3R Model' Reduce, Reuse and Recycle». «We transfer (he concluded) the message of sustainability to the lives of our employees, to cover their needs, and allow them to unfold their potential, as a key to development for all. There is always room for improvement, but we are on the right track."

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