Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

The security of the Barcelona airport raises the strike called for the Mobile World Congress

La seguridad del aeropuerto de Barcelona levanta la huelga convocada para el Mobile World Congress

The workers of the security controls of the Barcelona El Prat airport have called off the strike scheduled for February 24 to March 3, announced in January and that coincided with the celebration of Mobile World Congress. With the mediation of the Departament de Treball, the works council and the management of Trablisa, the person in charge of the service, have signed the cancellation agreement in the last hours.

The workforce of some 480 workers of the Trablisa company, which provides the service since June 2018, was called to strike to demand improvements in working conditions, especially in respect of breaks and training.


The staff of Trablisa in El Prat amounts to 480 workers

The origin of the conflict goes back to the summer of 2017, when the workers, then employed by Eulen and now subrogated to Trablisa, claimed improvements in their working conditions coinciding with the period of greatest traffic in the terminals. The conflict ended up resolving itself with an arbitration award that according to the workers is not being met.

In spite of the agreements on the labor conditions and the training signed, the staff also claims the salary supplement of 200 euros of the award. The committee has decided to take this matter to the social court.

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