May 14, 2021

The Security Forces track an alert for an attack in Barcelona launched by the US

The Security Forces track an alert for an attack in Barcelona launched by the US

All the State Security Forces and Corps work since yesterday on Sunday in the location of a Moroccan citizen to whom an alert of the American Intelligence attributes a plan to attempt imminently in Barcelona.

The message from the Americans included that Brahim L has a license to drive all types of vehicles and that the chosen place would be "the Las Ramblas area", which makes speculate to the anti-terrorist experts with the possibility that it is an attempt to reedit the abuses of August 2017 in the same place, have informed sources of the fight against terrorism.

The General Commissariat of Information has contacted its Moroccan colleagues who have reported that the individual reported by the United States is not registered as a jihadist, although Spanish experts are cautious about the fact that a possible radicalization has gone unnoticed.

There is evidence that Brahim L has passed through Spain in the past, not recently, and there is no evidence that he is a resident of the country. To the work in the street of the Mossos are added the efforts of the State Security Forces to locate any recent entry of the suspect into Spanish territory by land, sea or air.

In the Spanish Information Services there is discontent over the fact that the United States has accompanied the warning through the internal channels of a tweet from the State Department, warning publicly of the danger to its compatriots. Although the alert is more concrete than in other occasions, the consulted sources consider that it creates alarmism and that this makes its work difficult. They also point out that this type of warnings is more frequent than what transcends.

The Level of Antiterrorist Alert is in a reinforced 4 due to the Christmas dates and so it will continue despite the alert, since the surveillance measures that include scenarios such as the open after the warning of the United States.


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