The sectors of En Marea resume the dialogue to mark new elections

The sectors of En Marea resume the dialogue to mark new elections

The electoral committee and the commission of guarantees of In Marea have met today in a meeting in which they have considered the possibility of holding their internal elections on the weekend of December 15

The internal elections to choose the new direction of En Marea that should be held normally between this Saturday December 1 at 9:00 am in the morning until Monday 3 at the same time, they were paralyzed on Saturday for irregularities in the census.

From the commission of guarantees, at the request of the management, it was decided to paralyze the voting system after an "intrusion" in the census by the electoral committee, after which they commissioned two audits, one internal and the other external.

The forecast, according to Efe sources have assured the training, is that the results of these tests are released between Wednesday and Friday, which would allow retaking the primary elections next weekend.

According to the agreement principle reached today, the voting would begin on Saturday 15 at nine in the morning and conclude on Monday, the 17th at the same time.

However, the results of the audit could once again blow up the forecast of the Galician confluence.

In addition, at this afternoon's meeting it was agreed that the names of the 35 people that make up each candidacy will appear on the ballot papers with which they will be voted, unlike the initial ballot in which only the name was reflected. of the list.

In the internal process will face the list 'Coidando a Casa' headed by the current spokesman, Luís Villares, and 'Entre todos' led by the former deputy in the Cortes, David Bruzos and sheltered by Podemos, Anova, Esquerda Unida and the municipal tides from A Coruña, Santiago and Ferrol.


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