The secrets of Ernesto parrot – The Province

The secrets of Ernesto parrot - The Province

The Catalan company La Cubana guarantees fun and entertainment with the 'Adis Arturo' assembly that will remain at the Cuys Theater, from today until April 21 with a total of 18 performances. Ten actors, who play more than eighty characters, and the parrot Ernesto, the real protagonist of the plot, offer theater, music and circus at a frenzied rhythm for almost two hours. As a preview, the members of the company offered yesterday, in San Telmo Park, some strokes of this work that starts from the funeral of a famous character and that, in reality, is a song to life.

Almost two hours of frantic pace and guaranteed laughter. That's Goodbye Arturo. The assembly of the company La Cubana that will occupy the stage of the Cuyás Theater, from today, at 8:30 pm, until April 21, with 18 performances for three consecutive weeks, at different times, and double functions on weekends, to then stay 15 days in Tenerife. But as an appetizer, the cast offered yesterday morning at San Telmo Park small touches of this show that is a song to life.

The director Jordi Milán, parrot Ernesto, the 10 actors, the artistic and technical team of the company, representatives of the Viera and Clavijo street theater, 20 colored umbrellas, and journalists from the main media, staged a small previous meeting in the Kiosk of Music, surrounded by posters of the work, while a real windstorm fell in the capital of Gran Canaria.


Already, with a little more peaceful time, the actors could exhibit the first piece in the middle of the park encouraging the passers-by to dance. Jordi Milán recalled that they had not come to Las Palmas since 2004, "because it's complicated", and he remembered when they represented Eat the black coconut in the theater of Los Jesuitas. After 200 performances and more than 140,000 spectators, this title reaches the capital of Gran Canaria. "We like the casual theater of the street, that of everyday life that goes unnoticed," said Milan from the beginning. "In the previous assembly we discussed the paraphernalia of weddings and this paraphernalia of farewells or funerals," he added.

Arturo is a man who has died at 101 years of age, of Catalan parents although settled in Las Palmas. Arturo studied at Los Claretianos and his sister at Las Teresianas. He was a painter, sculptor, art collector, etc., a man of the Renaissance. "His philosophy of life has been to live the moment, the good thing is today and tomorrow we will see," Milan clarified. "He wanted not to mourn, but a party, and to be here because his philosophy is that things have to end where they started," he added.

Guests from all over the world will come to the appointment. "The funeral will be celebrated in Cuyás because there he took his first steps". And the real protagonist is the parrot, who was the last 40 years with Arturo, and 10 actors who play 80 and peak characters.

The actor Edu Ferrés highlights, among his roles, the official driver of Arturo, Rasid, who he met on a trip he made to Tangier. "Arturo has tried everything," he says. "He had a philosophy: he would rather repent of one thing than avoid trying it, that's why he lets himself go and that's why he has led a full life." A frantic montage with rhythm, color, music and audience participation. "Suddenly it's like being surrounded by a thousand things that happen to you," he says. "It's musical, theater, circus, there's even a character who swallows a saber."

The actress Montse Amat, on the other hand, clarifies that "we come to celebrate a life, not a funeral, 101 years that have given a lot". The actress highlights the montage fregolism. "There are changes of thrilling characters, everything is very square, and anything can modify the work."


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