The Secretary of State for Social Security, Israel Arroyo, also leaves the Ministry of Escrivá

New exit, one more, in the Ministry of Social Security. Israel Arroyo, Secretary of State for Social Security and 'number two' of Minister José Luis Escrivá, leaves office and returns again to his previous position in AIRef (Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility). The march, which in the department of Escrivá is justified by "personal reasons" due to the "tiredness" of the legislature, of great normative intensity, will take place "in the coming weeks". He will be replaced at the head of the Secretary of State by Borja Suárez, until now Arroyo's right-hand man in his position and General Director of Social Security Planning.

The Ministry of Migration changes its team for the third time in less than two years

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Arroyo's departure is confirmed one day after the news of another march, advanced by, that of the Secretary of State for Migration, Jesús Perea. This will return to Pedro Sánchez's speech unit, where he had previously held a position.

The two managers are expected to leave their posts in "the next few weeks," they indicate in the Escrivá department, although the date is yet to be specified. From the Social Security they frame the exits in normal changes, already foreseen in the Ministry for “a long time”.

The march of Israel Arroyo adds to the numerous casualties in the Migration area, with Jesús Perea as the fifth remodeling that occurs so far in the legislature in this department. In Perea's case, several sources link his departure to a lack of understanding with the minister.

Pending the second block of the pension reform

According to the department of José Luis Escrivá, Israel Arroyo had long ago expressed his willingness to "close this stage" in the Executive and return to his position in AIReF, due to "tiredness" and the great intensity of work. So far this mandate, the first pension reform and the law of the minimum vital income (IMV) have been approved, together with the labor reform, in which the Ministry of Social Security has also participated.

In addition, all the legislative effort derived from the pandemic was added, with the ERTE and unemployment aid for the self-employed, among other measures that the Ministry of José Luis Escrivá negotiated with the Ministry of Labor, led by Yolanda Díaz, with the social agents .

Israel Arroyo's intention was to stay in office to close the law on public pension funds, which is voted on tomorrow in the Senate, and the reform of the contribution of the self-employed, they explain from the Ministry, to leave the second leg of the pension reform to his successor, Borja Suárez. This will face the last part of the reform, which must complete the first package of changes, under the watchful eye of Brussels and with a more complex context, less prone to consensus.

Complex negotiations in Social Security

The last two legislations that Israel Arroyo intends to close have become very complicated. That of the public pension fund had a chaotic vote at the last minute in the Labor and Social Security Commission in the Congress of Deputies, where the Ministry of José Luis Escrivá arrived without the support tied. Several parliamentary groups criticized the negotiation of Social Security with the parties, various bands and with even “contrary” amendments to each other.

The best reflection of the chaos of the negotiation was the error of the PSOE, which mistakenly supported the 'unstopping' of the maximum contribution bases (eliminating the contribution ceiling on the highest salaries) proposed by United We Can. Both had to knock down the amendments in plenarythrough a particular vote.

On the other hand, the reform of the self-employed so that they contribute according to their real income is also being very complex and it is taking time, touching the limit that was agreed with Brussels to approve the norm: the first semester of the year. In the Escrivá department they trust that the debate with the self-employed organizations and social agents is already in its last throes and can be closed with an agreement promptly.

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