The Secretary of State for Commerce recriminates the lack of institutional loyalty to the president of the Chamber of Barcelona

The acting Secretary of State for Commerce, Xania Méndez, has sent a letter to the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​Joan Canadell, in which he reproaches him that "the statements that call into question the application of the laws and hinder the compliance with judicial decisions ".

Canadell is an acquaintance independence businessman, whose candidacy for the Chamber was promoted by the Catalan independence organization ANC. His victory was unexpected. The mobilization of freelancers and SMEs allowed the ANC to snatch the Cambra de Comerç from the big company, Thanks to an extensive database of the secessionist organization that allowed a turnaround that nobody expected.

Since his arrival at the presidency of the institution he has starred in several controversies such as his refusal to respond in Spanish during the press conferences, urging large companies to accept self-determination and to "force" the State to do the same or start up of a consultation between businessmen and freelancers to know their opinion on what would be the economic consequences of the independence of Catalonia.

Canadell He blamed the "Spanish State" for the independence movements of recent days, resulting in hundreds of injuries and substantial material damage, and has accused him of "repressing." He also demanded Wednesday the State dialogue with the Government and criticized what in his opinion is "political contempt" towards Catalonia for the lack of dialogue with the Executive of Quim Torra.

Given the position of the president of the Chamber, the secretary of state reminds him in his letter that "he is presupposed a special zeal in respect for current legislation and an unequivocal representation of the general interests of all associates of the Camera". "Everyone, without exception," Méndez emphasizes.

"Respecting the principle of autonomy, this Secretary of State of Commerce expects the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​its president and its executive committee, institutional loyalty and a rigorous fulfillment of the purposes entrusted to it," adds the Secretary of State .

Méndez also reprimands him for not having as "his priority objective in his mandate" the "promotion and defense of commercial interests in Barcelona" in the face of "tensions commercial and international uncertainty "

The clear political position of the president of the Chamber of Barcelona has meant that other business organizations such as the CEOE have also asked for "institutional loyalty." Antonio Garamendi, chief executive of the employer, recommended to those responsible for the Barcelona entity "to devote themselves to the work they have been entrusted and not to others that do not belong to them."

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