The secret of the Nordics to lose weight without effort that you should copy – The Province

The secret of the Nordics to lose weight without effort that you should copy - The Province

In each country they have their customs. It is clear that not all are good or bad. The siesta, for example, is what is most known outside Spain of patriotic customs. And doctors around the world call to copy this little dream after eating and before facing the afternoon and evening work. But we also have to learn and copy other customs especially if what we want is to lose weight and lose weight in this "bikini operation" that many have started in recent weeks (You're still in time before you look like palm hearts on the beach from August).

And if there is one thing that nutritionists say we have to copy from the Nordic, that is undoubtedly dinner time. In the northern countries of the European Union, dinner is served at around six in the evening. It is a custom that, in any case, we should adapt. Not in vain it is practically impossible that in Spain you can take dinner at that time: almost nobody has left work before eight o'clock in the afternoon. However, what should be clear, according to those who know these things about food, is that it is more than harmful to have dinner at twelve o'clock at night or before going to sleep. And he has an explanation. (Read here what you have to dine if you want to lose weight).

After dinner the body is activated. It is something completely natural. You've "gotten gas". That's why you have to take advantage of that moment to exercise, even if it's moderate. It is not advisable that you lie on the couch or go to sleep. What can you do to improve your overall health and to burn the calories you just swallowed? In this article we told you in your day what could be more than a good idea: you must move and take a walk of about 15 minutes.

Dining and going to bed then has another disadvantage: you will have nightmares and you will rest worse. In this article we tell you in your day how important it is to rest properly to achieve your goal of losing weight.

Dining soon is not the only thing you can do. You should also follow several basic rules when making dinner. First: you have to give up fast food and ultra-processed foods. Opt for natural food and to be able to be first vegetable and dessert fruit. And second and more than important: renounce soft drinks with sugar and alcohol. The best? That you simply drink with water, is the healthiest and what will allow you to be much healthier. And remember that at the end of everything important is not just losing weight. It is also essential that you do it with health and avoid diseases related to both obesity and excessive physical work. Everything has to have its measure.


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