The SECRET of the IDENTITY of the father of the son of Ivonne Reyes, UNCOVERED

Complicated those who are living Ivonne reyes, Pepe navarro and the son in discord, Alejandro Reyes.

Since 1995, the relationship between the presenter and the Venezuelan actress and model has been constant news source, that appear and disappear, like the Guadiana. The disputed paternity of Ivonne's son, awarded by justice to Pepe Navarro and that he has always denied, continues to bring a tail 26 years after the presenter and the actress were a couple.

The model has always maintained before the media that the father of her son is Pepe Navarro, the result of the relationship they had when he was the king of the nights on television. Meanwhile, the presenter has not stopped denying that statement, in word and in fact, by refusing to take the paternity test that she claimed. Precisely that detail made him the legal father of Ivonne's son.

The tug of war maintained by the protagonists determined a long legal battle that culminated in a judicial decision that Navarro did not like at all: Justice concluded that Pepe was Alejandro's father after the presenter's repeated refusals to take a DNA test.

Now, several years later, Ivonne and Pepe are once again in the focus of the news with a cascade of information that is put on the side of the presenter, that disassembles the version of the model and that would have answered the great unknown of this issue: who is the father of the son of Ivonne Reyes.

It has been the program presented by María Patiño, Socialite, the one who has taken a step forward, thus destroying the version of the Venezuelan.

Identity revealed

According the weekend space of Telecinco, the real father of Yvonne Reyes' son would be a millionaire businessman who was paying the Venezuelan a pension of 6,000 euros a month from 1999, the year in which Alejandro was born, until 2002, when he died. Of course, the name of the alleged father has not transpired.

This news calls into question the version that lvonne would have been holding since her son was little. By the way, Pepe Navarro is out of the equation.

This news would square with the fact that in recent weeks, the one who was Ivonne Reyes's lawyer, Sonia Gea, made it clear in an exclusive intervention for The Ana Rosa Program that Pepe Navarro was not Alejandro's father and that he should not have any kind of legal responsibility with the young person.

What has to happen to undo parenthood?

But nevertheless, Eliminating Navarro's responsibility is not so easy. The presenter already tried to reopen the case a few years ago, taking a DNA test when the court decision that declared his paternity of Alejandro had already been issued and forced him to pass a pension to the boy. Although the party test, according to the presenter, resulted in the mismatch between the DNA of Pepe and Alejandro, he has had to continue to accept this paternity because the judicial resolution can no longer be appealed.

Justice protects Ivonne and her son. They would have to be the ones who would legally renounce the paternity of Pepe Navarro or request a review of the case in court. Public pronouncements or television complaints are worthless. This is what the lawyers who are experts in these matters who have dealt with the matter in the Telecinco and Antena 3 programs maintain.


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