July 30, 2021

The secret functions of WhatsApp that you may not know – The Province

The secret functions of WhatsApp that you may not know - The Province

WhatsappIt is used daily by millions of people around the world. This instant messaging application is a fundamental tool for many of its users. Its habitual use makes that, sometimes, we use it automatically without stopping to investigate more in all its functions.

Next, we will discover some of them, that you probably do not know and that are sure to be very useful in your day to day life:

Delete messages

If you sent an instant message to the person you should not have,Whatsappincorporated a measure to solve all your problems.

-Eliminate for everyone-allows you to delete specific messages that you have sent to a group chat or to an individual chat.

However, the messages you delete for all will be replaced by "This message was deleted"in the recipients' chat.You will only have seven minutes from when you sent the message to be able to delete it.

How to do it?

Fordelete messagesfor all you have to do the following. Open WhatsApp and go to the chat that contains the message you want to delete. Press and hold on the message. Optionally, you can touch on several messages to delete them at the same time. Next, touch Delete at the top of the screen and finally Delete for everyone.


Save chats as text

This option may seem unhelpful, but it can be very interesting if you needpresent a conversationin different situations. For example, if you want to use your WhatsApp conversations as court evidence. In this case, the option to save your chats as a text will make this task much easier.

How to do it?

From Android, you will have to go to the chat and click the Send chat by mail option in the Menu. Then you just have to choose an email address to send it and that's it.

In iOS you will have to select the chat you want to recover and slide it to the left. There you will see the option More and, later, Export chat.

Hide images

There are times when some groups of WhatsApp bombard us with images. If you do not want all these images to bekeep in your gallery, we explain the steps to follow.

How to do it?

In Android, you have to go to Settings and display the Data and Storage option, there you must click on the Show multimedia files button in the gallery.

In iOS, you must access Settings and in the Chats option change the location in the Save in option.


Mark a conversation as 'unread'

If you do not have time to read aWhatsApp conversationat the moment, but you do not want to forget to do it later this option will be your best ally. So, if you want to mark a WhatsApp conversation as unread, you have to do the following.

How to do it?

Android and iOS allow you to click on the conversation, by doing so you will see the option to 'mark as unread'. A blue circle will serve as an indication of this state.


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