The second youth of Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso it is fireproof. This season he has turned 40 (Oviedo, July 29, 1981) and on Sunday he achieved at the Losail circuit, which was hosting for the first time a grand prix of Formula 1, the 98th podium of his career, seven years after the last and in a weekend in which he showed great consistency at the controls of the Alpine, the best race of its season.

Came to Qatar wearing ‘El Plan’, claiming his options for 2022 and showing that despite his age he maintains the illusion of his beginnings. In the spectacular Qatar race he signed it, endorsing his character, class and ambition.

After two years of absence from the F1 lap has not been easy at all, both because of the pace of the competition and the fact that the cars have changed substantially, and because this Alpine has nothing to do with the Mclaren he was driving in 2018. The adaptation has been more than complicated, with hardly any preseason, and the Asturian, who has scored in 14 of the 20 races held, has never doubted his possibilities.

Character, enthusiasm and motivation

Fernando Alonso continues to show fast, steady and ambitious, with enormous character on the track. In short, the Fernando of a lifetime.

He has never given up and the clearest example of this is this new stage in F1. Fernando pointed out after savoring this long-awaited podium that “it has been a long wait since the last –Hungary Grand Prix of 2014- and I am very happy for this moment. We had a good race with the one-stop strategy and the car was great all weekend. ”

The Asturian emphasized that “in one’s career there are always ups and downs. I had fantastic moments at Le Mans or in the Resistance, but going back to F1 with a view to preparing for 2022, with the new rules and having the reward of this podium at the end of the year tastes very good. We are more prepared than ten months ago. At the end of this 2021 we are at another level compared to the first half of the year. I am happy and the preparation is on the right track ”.

All his concentration is already focused on the next exercise, which he considers crucial. In this regard, he considers that “it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future, but mand would love to fight Mercedes and Red bull and against whoever makes a good car next year. When I decided to return, it was with the intention of being champion again. It’s a ‘reset’ for everyone and it’s up to us to build a fast car. It is not like now, that we continued with the previous car. If we are in that situation, I feel prepared and strong to be in the battle ”.

Remove the thorn

The Asturian played his 332nd Formula 1 Grand Prix in Qatar, being the second driver of all time who has contested the most races behind of Kimi raikkonen. The 42-year-old Finn has already contested 350. With two titles, 32 victories, 22 pole positions and 98 podium finishes in the championship, he has returned to remove a thorn in his hand.

Since he won the 2013 Spanish GP and took the podium in Hungary in 2014, his results had not been in line with his level. The move to McLaren, then powered by Honda, was a resounding failure. Alonso stayed ‘alive’ competing away from F1, endorsing his talent week after week as well. He excelled in disciplines as diverse as the Resistance, winning at Daytona, Le Mans and crowning himself as world champion, or the Dakar and Indianapolis, where he also left his mark in the mythical 500 Miles.

Fernando’s ambition led him to take up the F1 challenge again when a firm proposal came from Alpine. The two-time Spanish champion saw in the 2022 rule change an excellent possibility to change the established order of the grid and, under the aegis of Renault, his team aspires to fight for victories and podiums next year in a scenario that opens the odds.

In Qatar he showed that he still has a lot to say and especially if he has a good car at his disposal.


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