The second season of a Disney+ series is canceled

Goodbye to this Disney+ series

On November 30, 2022, a Disney+ series was released that sought to recall past times in a proposal that bet on fantasy and science fiction. Although this production was expected to be a success, it seems that the viewers did not like it so much, who have valued very negativelycurrently having a score of only 2.8 in Google.

The platform has tried to create a Disney+ series exclusive to face the competence. Drawing on a classic, many users stress that they have brought a much-loved title back to life, but that it is not as expected and exclaim that it is better to think of new creations rather than destroy existing ones.

After a catastrophic season, the Disney+ series has tried to create expectations to re-engage people with a second edition, which in the end has not gone ahead due to the disastrous forecasts of the brand, which is trying to reduce expenses.