June 4, 2020

The second repatriation operation ends with 58 Moroccans returning to their country

The Government Delegation in Ceuta has reported that the second repatriation operation has ended this morning with the return to Morocco of 58 citizens of that country who remained trapped in Ceuta due to the closure of the border.

In a statement, the Government Delegation has specified that the so-called “humanitarian corridor” has been closed at 02:00 in the morning today with the return to their country of 58 Moroccans who have been in Ceuta since March 13.

Of the returnees this morning, a total of 35 Moroccans were housed in private homes in Ceuta and another 23 in the covered pavilion of La Libertad, which was enabled by the Ceuta government to allow them to comply with the confinement.

Morocco has rejected a bus carrying 60 other Moroccans at the border, after verifying that it included Moroccans who were not on the list initially provided by the Alawite country.

The Government Delegation had verified that of the 55 Moroccans who were living in the La Libertad pavilion and that a total of 40 had been included in the list, they did not want to be repatriated to their country, according to Efe police sources have informed.

This circumstance caused the Government Delegation to list other Moroccans who were in Ceuta but were not included in that list, which was not finally accepted by Morocco.


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