June 23, 2021

The second part of the Cuys season exhibits nine great shows from March to June – La Provincia

The second part of the Cuys season exhibits nine great shows from March to June - La Provincia

Nine large shows make up the second part of the 2018/2019 season of Cuyás Theater, which will last from March to June and will coincide, moreover, with the start, as of May 14, 20th anniversary of this equipment of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. This was announced during the presentation of the new program (March-June) the insular councilor of Culture, Carlos Ruiz, and the artistic director of the venue, Gonzalo Ubani, who underlined the special appeal of three productions belonging to or close to the musical genre and those that are planned a total of 40 functions.

Is about Goodbye, Arturo, of which the company La Cubana will offer 18 passes between April 4 and 21; Don Mendo, of the Gran Canarian Clapso, of which there will be eight performances between the 16th and the 26th of May, and the acclaimed West Side Story, that will close the season with 14 performances from June 20 to 29. To these three proposals we must add another four theater, one dance and family Story of a sock, of La Canica Teatro, with which the new program will start on March 30, detailed the persons in charge of the venue.


They explain from La Cubana that Goodbye, Arturo part of the death of a versatile and international artist born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 101 years ago and that constitutes "a crazy comedy" dressed with the characteristic elements of this popular Catalan company: audience participation, music, surprises and lots of humor.

Directed by Israel Reyes and starring José Carlos Campos, Yanely Hernández, Lili Quintana or Víctor Formoso and with themes by Germán G. Arias, Don Mendo is in turn a musical version of the success of Pedro Muñoz Seca, father of the astrakhan, a theatrical genre whose main purpose is to provoke the laughter of the spectator.

As to West Side Story, considered the greatest musical of all time, its exhibition at the Cuyás Theater will coincide with the celebration of the first centenary of the birth of its composer, Leonard Bernstein, so linked to Gran Canaria, where he spent long periods. In fact, the exhibition here of this great and successful show based on the original Broadway and coming from the Teatro Calderón in Madrid, is part of an ambitious program promoted, within the framework of this event, by different institutions of the island, including the Cabildo and the Foundation of the Performing Arts and Music of Gran Canaria, which manages Cuyás.


Along with these musical proposals, the Viera and Clavijo venue (April 26 and 27) will also be Car of the innocents, co-production of the National Company of Classical Theater and Productions Faraute directed by José Carlos Plaza, who, from the famous anonymous text considered the first Castilian theatrical work, the signature with Pedro Víllora. The assemblies will also do it The fault, Copenhagen Y Voltaire-Rousseau. The fight.

Starring Pepón Nieto, Ana Fernández and Magüi Mira, the first of them, The blame, David Mamet, tells the story of a psychiatrist who refuses to testify in favor of a patient responsible for a massacre, while Copenhagen, The work of Michael Frayn directed by Claudio Tolcachir and interpreted by Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Carlos Hipólito and Malena Gutiérrez, is immersed in the head of two geniuses of Quantum Physics who in 1941 held a real meeting in the Danish capital.

Together with Pere Ponce, the great Josep María Flotats delves into The fight (Jean Francois Prévand) in the relationship of two other geniuses, in this case, philosophers, Voltaire and Rousseau, after the publication of an anonymous pamphlet denouncing the abandonment of their children by the latter. Rousseau turns to Voltaire to find out who is behind such action, which, through a domestic scene, allows the public to know their ideas about God, equality, education or theater. In short, two ways of conceiving society as different as they are generous.

This new program of the Cuyás will start with several school passes and a family function, scheduled on March 30 at 6:00 p.m., of the touching show by Pablo Vergne (La Canica Teatro) entitled Story of a sock, which tells, for over four years, the relationship of two inseparable socks until one of them, Ton, disappears, forcing the other, Tin, to go in search of him.

Finally, the dance of Kukai, the winning company of three Max Awards in 2017 for its work, also returns to Cuyás Oskara and that dazzled the public of the grancanario site. The training led by Jon Maya now (June 1 at 8.30) with Erritu, a montage choreographed by the Israeli Sharon Fridman and that supposes "a vital journey that crosses, through rites of individual and collective steps, the different states of life in relation to nature and the community".


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