September 27, 2020

The second Oscar gala of the year

In New York a new Oscar gala is presented so that the little ones can enjoy the night and relive the best moments.

Smiling and nervous several children wait for their most special photo shoot. They will not know them but if you look closely at the costumes they wear, they may be familiar. Thanks to a New York photographer, five children have put themselves in the shoes of Hollywood’s most famous for a day.

The person in charge of this project, Tricia Messeroux, assures that among all of them she has chosen those who came to the red carpet with the most different and, above all, striking costumes. Designs that he has imitated perfectly in his study but adapting them to the size of the children. He has also put on makeup, combed them and when they have been prepared the expected photo shoot has begun.

The result has been an imitation with all kinds of details, including jewelry and waves of the striking and voluminous red dress that could be seen during the night. A complicated dress, which despite being a challenge for her, has managed to plagiarize it correctly. Some copies, almost perfect, with lipstick, hairstyle and very similar poses of the models. Nor has he been able to miss the costume of the tribute of the night to Koby Bryant. In short, the photographer has obtained small replicas of great stars.



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