February 27, 2021

The sea leaves millionaire damage and 39 people evacuated from two buildings – La Provincia

The sea leaves millionaire damage and 39 people evacuated from two buildings - La Provincia

The strong waves combined with the sea in the background which was recorded on the last night from Saturday to Sunday in Garachico has caused millionaire damages in the establishments of the Avenida Marítima and has forced to evict 39 people from two buildings in the area. The municipality has been the most punished by the passage of the tail of the storm Carlos, a front that has brought with it rains that in some points of the Archipelago They have left more than 40 liters per square meter, in addition to winds of more than 100 kilometers per hour and waves of up to six meters in height. However, also There have been damages in other locations on the Island as Tacoronte, La Laguna and Adeje.

With the scare in the body

Garachico woke up this Sunday with the scare still in his body and the Maritime Avenue full of stones, refrigerators, the anchor of the castle of San Miguel in the middle of the street, the fences of the municipal swimming pool torn away and the commercial premises razed. On Saturday night, it was decided to close the Maritime avenue to traffic in anticipation of the expected strong waves. "The high tide registered at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday was the one that caused the most damage, although at 03:00 a.m. in the morning, at low tide, the water was also put into the avenue," the Deputy Minister of Environment explained yesterday. Environment and Safety of Government of the Canary Islands, Blanca Pérez, who remembered that the warning situation in the Islands is maintained until today.

"The swell has been mixed with a very complicated sea bottom and, in fact, the oldest people in the place say that this storm has been worse than the one recorded in the year 87," said Pérez, who was on Sunday morning. zone devastated by the sea next to the mayor of the town, José Heriberto González.

Most of the damages are found in the stretch between San Miguel Castle and the soccer field, a space that yesterday remained closed to traffic. "Tonight's forecast [la noche del domingo al lunes para el lector] is that the waves remain around 5 meters high, so you have to keep the avenue closed and we are making an assessment to see what happens tomorrow morning, "said the Deputy Minister of Environment and Safety of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Initially it is foreseen that the workers of the Town Hall and the Cabildo de Tenerife start today to clean and remove all the materials that the sea dragged along the Maritime Avenue. In fact, the first thing that the curious saw as soon as they reached the castle was a large stone in the middle of the road and, a few meters away, the anchor of the castle, which was also dragged by the force of the sea.

However, the most significant damages are those caused by the waves in the numerous shops and restaurants on the avenue. The spectacle was bleak: Chairs piled up, refrigerators disconnected from the electric current and displaced to the center of the avenue with ice creams watered along the route, broken windows, walls through the floors, cables and lamps that hang from the ceilings and even the bar a coffee shop ripped out. "It does not make sense to clean up until the waves are not below four meters in height," said Perez while supervising the damage accompanied by the municipal councilor.

"There is a lot of furniture and deteriorated public infrastructures and the commercial premises of Avenida Marítima are all destroyed," said José Heriberto González during the tour. "The turf of the football field is totally destroyed and we still have to assess the damage to the engine room of the municipal swimming pools, the drive station that is there as well, it is supposed to be flooded but we can not go down until the sea ​​does not leave us, "added the first mayor of Garachico.

Evacuation of 39 people

To the significant material damages must be added the evacuation of 39 people from two buildings. "Last night we had to vacate two buildings: the Atlantic and Tomé Cano, one is in front of the municipal pool and another, in front of the sports center", said José Heriberto González, who pointed out that 39 people were evacuated from both buildings because " the sea broke all the commercial premises that are on the ground floor and even went up to the second floor, breaking some windows ".

Although most of the evacuees were able to spend the night with family members, some had to spend the night in the Municipal Pavilion, where the Red Cross set up a field hospital. "There are still about ten people there," said González, who insisted that, in principle, these neighbors will not be able to return to their homes until today when the meteorological phenomenon is expected to return.

The president of the Canarian Government, Fernando Clavijo, and the president of Cabildo de Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, they moved in the afternoon yesterday to Garachico to visit the area affected by the strong waves.


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