Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

The scam of the false fine radar - The Province

The scam of the false fine radar - The Province

It has all happened to us all. You have been driving and traveling for months and sometimes not you are aware of if you could jump a radar. The picture comes to you at home and you do not see yourself with more options than to end up paying the fine. But there are some that you can avoid: false ones, those that do not have the backing of the Traffic Department. And is that from this public body warn that in recent days are arriving emails and messages through the Internet to hundreds of drivers to those who are supposedly alerted that they have committed a Traffic offense and have to pay a certain amount. In those messages it is sometimes said that a radar has jumped, others a photo-red is communicated € From the institution in charge of monitoring the roads it is warned that everything is a scam and a scam.

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But How can we realize that it is really not the General Directorate of Traffic that is requesting the data from us and that, therefore, we have not committed any infraction that will lead to a loss of money? The answer is very simple. From the DGT insist that this institution never asks for the data of the car or the driver or bank details through email. The fines are also not sent by this route unless the driver has wanted to register in the Virtual Office Service of the General Directorate of Traffic. (Here you have the new margins of error of the radars).

What should we do in case we get a fine like that? The best thing is to ignore it. Normally this type of sanctions do not come with our complete personal data or even with the photo of the alleged infraction. In case of any doubt, it is best to go to the original source and get in touch through the 060 number with the general administration of the state that will be responsible for asking us for the data and saying whether the fine really has arrived because we need to pay some kind of sanction for a breach of some rule of the Traffic Department or if we are facing a scam that is better to ignore.

The precaution has to be maximum given how difficult it is then to investigate this type of crime for the Police and the Civil Guard Once the payment has been made that normally comes from abroad and then it is very difficult to trace.


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