Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

The SAR corrects the municipality of Leganés for the use of the term “students”

The Royal Spanish Academy is in the habit of responding to the queries of its users regarding the correct use of our language. A tweeter consulted on the use of the term “students” that was included as a generic term in the bases to access the teaching and integration grants of the City of Leganés and was published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid.

As explained in its publication, the City Council uses this term and in a generic way since “It will be generalized in feminine to refer interchangeably to the students and students because the female presence is superior to the male presence in this course”

The response of the SAR shows the Leganés City Council by reminding it that “Being the marked term of the gender opposition, it can only refer to women. It is a question of how the grammatical system works that has nothing to do with an alleged macho ”

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