March 8, 2021

The Sao Paulo Forum debates a fight plan to face imperialism

The twenty-fifth meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum held in Caracas works to develop a plan to fight against "US imperialism" and in defense of the sovereignty of the peoples, some of the representatives of the movements that They are part of the event.

"Documents will come out in the end … there are recommendations … generate a day of struggle in defense of the sovereignty of the peoples to raise awareness," Bolivian ex-chancellor David Choquehuanca told Efe.

"All of us here are looking for peace, we are looking for the happiness of our people," said Choquehuanca, who added that the movements participating in the event have arrived "with good ideas."

Also, the member of the Canadian "Fire this time" movement, Tamara Hanson, invited to the event, said that the participants seek to promote international actions because "the American empire is very strong now in Latin America."

Hanson also expressed his gratitude for being invited to the Forum and once again expressed his support for the so-called Bolivarian Revolution.

"I am working in solidarity for the Bolivarian revolution and we are working for this to show solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the poor, the oppressed to create a better world and now our great campaign is against the blockade of (President Donald) Trump" to Venezuela He said about his organization.

The Sao Paulo Forum is a mechanism for the agreement of parties and social movements of the left and progressives in Latin America and the Caribbean, which emerged in 1990 under the auspices of the Workers Party (PT) of Brazil.

As reported by the Forum website, around 500 international delegates from the movements of the left participate in the event that will run until next Sunday at the Alba Caracas hotel.

Forum participants debate the consequences of the "advances of imperialism" in the world, support for political dialogue in Venezuela, as well as solidarity with one of its founders, former Brazilian prisoner Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, among others.

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