Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

The Santi Balmes cultural setlist

“They are not times of wise recommendations, but they provide you with fantasy and evasive moments,” he says. Santi Balmes, Musician and leader of Sees it

of Lesbian

Santi Balmes

Santi Balmes
(Àlex Garcia)

#A compilation of John Coltrane, because his music activates my neurons.

#Another compilation of Frank Sinatra. Sinatra is immortal, and makes you think that what is well done does not matter if you listen to it half a century later: listening to him is an act of modernity.


#The book
“All the motherfuckers in the world”
, by Alberto González Vázquez, to laugh and emphasize how sociopathic we all have.

“L’art de portar gavardina”, from Sergi Pàmies. A set of short stories that currently allows you to exercise the noble art of dispersion.

The dirty laundry: Mötley Crüe’s autobiography ”
by Neil Strauss. It is a book that makes you think that if one day you think your mind is going to go away, well you are wrong.

#The comic MausBecause it talks about many things, but above all about confinement.

The 'MAUS' comic portrays Jews as mice, while the invading Nazis are shaped like cats.

The ‘MAUS’ comic portrays Jews as mice, while the invading Nazis are shaped like cats.
(Art Spiegelman)

#“The old man and the sea”
by Ernest Hemingway. Of a fight that, at the same time, dignifies defeat.

#The Serie Watchmen a dystopia quite adequate for these days, but above all to see the role that Jeremy Irons plays.

#The Serie Peaky Blinders. Seeing it is an act of pure entertainment, without major pretensions; there is some interpretation that part of good, like the one of Tom Hardy.

#And a comparison between “Two meters underground” Y “The Sopranos”, to see which one you finished before, so long they are.

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