The San Isidro school expands its communication channels - La Provincia

Colegio San Isidoro founded in 1961 and located in the neighborhood of Buenavista - Escaleritas A small, arranged family school continues its work dynamics, despite the current circumstances.

In November 2017, this newspaper published an article about teaching from home. Taught by a teacher from Colegio San Isidoro. My teacher is "youtuber". Your channel Colegio San Isidoro Flipped Classroom Your teacher at home. And the Videoconferences he held with his students.

During these years, the teachers of this school have always maintained direct contact with families and their students in the different WhatsApp groups.

These days we are isolated, some necessarily in their jobs, and others doing our work from home. All the teachers of the School and the Management Team are doing extra work since the suspension of classes was decreed, to attend to our students. They are aware of the enormous effort and difficulties that families can have in combining their professional work every day, with that of the home and at the same time being aware of their children.

Although events rushed from one day to the next. Colegio San Isidoro was prepared to undertake teaching from home with the least possible impact on its students and family.

In addition to the communication channels, which they had been using for several years. Others were launched according to the stages in record time, the Google Classroom, the ClassDojo, the Videoconferences were expanded, the Skype, the Zoom, the Telegram, the TokApp and the teachers' email, among others.

The Management Team and all the Teachers are teleworking and available to families and students, as they understand that it is an anomalous and complicated situation that requires everyone's effort. And they have demonstrated it at the moment, dedicating many more hours of work than in a normal situation. Like our main groups in this country. We know that homework is difficult to do without the teacher and that sometimes doubts may arise. Our desire is not to overwhelm families or students, but also to leave our obligations aside, the entire team of teachers at this school responds to us.

The students and families have responded extraordinarily from the first day, and although the first weekend was somewhat stressful for everyone. Today they appreciate the support, effort, understanding, patience and collaboration they are receiving, so that the students do not miss the school year.

These are days of being at home, but not of being incommunicado. The heaviest burden of responsibility falls on us adults, and they understood that perhaps they needed a moment to share concerns. For this reason, last week, teachers and family from the Secondary stage met via Videoconference.

The YouTube channel, for example, increased in these first days in the number of views and subscribers. From the Colegio San Isidoro in permanent contact with students and families, they send a message of calm and support. And they can continue to count on The Management Team and all of their teachers through the channels they usually use.


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