Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The same police investigated Podemos and acted in the Pujol and Bárcenas cases

The same police investigated Podemos and acted in the Pujol and Bárcenas cases

The police investigation to We can He had the hand and signature of one of the trusted men of the ex-director general of the Police Eugenio Pino. The chief inspector Bonifacio Díez Sevillano was the person who took statements from various sources to obtain information that would prove that the party led by Pablo Iglesias It was financed by drug trafficking under the umbrella of the Chavez regime, as documented in the documentation to which he had access The vanguard. This investigation was never prosecuted and remained on paper.

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Díez Sevillano was one of the members of the well-known political police created by Pino during the mandate of Jorge Fernández Díaz as minister of Inside. This chief inspector, Pino's right hand, was imputed by the famous pen drive of the Pujol in the framework of what is known as Operation Catalunya, is investigated in the Kitchen operation about the theft of documents to the PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas and it left splashed in the police investigations of the case of the Little Nicholas. Díez Sevillano was assigned to the operational deputy directorate of the Police (DAO) and it was from that police group that during the time of Pino was dedicated to making investigations behind the backs of judges and prosecutors to politically favor the PP. It is linked to the sewers of the State, with links to the commissioner now imprisoned Villarejo.

The inspector met with Venezuelan opponents in search of information on party finances

In the investigation that began against Podemos only two months after the founding of the party -and that lasted until 2016-, it was this chief inspector who was in charge of taking statements from various sources that could implicate Churches and other members in crimes. of the match All these data were delivered to the Prosecutor's Office of the National Court, which refused to open any investigation due to lack of credibility of the information as well as lack of competence. The Supreme Court He also rejected it. According to the informative part, to which this newspaper has had access, this police command had a meeting with the CA source, Venezuelan opposition to the regime of Nicolás Maduro, who warned that in the near future the ambassadors of Ecuador Y Venezuela They were going to meet to determine how a money delivery was going to be made for the Podemos political party.

According to the source, the date of March 3, 2016 - with whom there was contact on this matter since 2014 - was to be carried out in the near future "a delivery of 500,000 euros for Podemos, with the director of the Corporación Venezolana de Guayana in Madrid, which is currently unknown any data. "

Various legal sources acknowledge that these practices have been "fortunately banished"

Four days later he returned to hold another interview with his source, who offered him more data. He indicated that this entity that was going to act as a transmission belt for the payment to Podemos had 14 million euros in Spanish bank accounts. The source of Díez Sevillano also gave information about the relations of Íñigo Errejón with members of the Venezuelan regime.

The signature of this chief inspector in this investigation directed directly from the DAO is a symptom of the instrumentalization that was intended to be given to the matter. In fact, it is the same modus operandi that Pino's team used in other matters such as Operation Catalunya. This mechanism was first to use people they trust to obtain information in a surreptitious manner and then instrumentalize the economic and fiscal crime unit (UDEF), at that time also directed by people of their trust, to try to whiten the information and judicialize it.

Various legal sources acknowledge that these practices have been "fortunately banished" since members such as Pino or Villarejo have left the police. However, sources close to all those investigations maintain that all this could not be done without the approval of the Ministry of the Interior and maintain that the then general director of the Police, Ignacio Cosidó, I knew the investigation to Podemos in 2016.

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