Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

The Sálvame collaborator touches her lips and cheekbones after losing, according to her, 30 kilos

Anabel Pantoja has become a aesthetic retouching. And they have been their own companions of

Save me

those who did not stop focusing on the lips and the cheekbones, while covering up, as if trying to cover something. In the end it has been known that Isabel Pantoja's niece would have undergone new aesthetic sessions.

Before explaining what had been done, Anabel He has said he lost 30 kilos, something that has made his classmates think that he would deny any type of touch up on his face. Paz Padilla even took her purse in search of chocolates while Anabel shouted that "I can do what I want with my body and my face." The joking of his companions was widespread when he found a chocolate tablet in his bag started and chocolates.

A ‘loaded’ chocolate bag

"Let him raise his hand who has not done anything!", The collaborator prepared the ground before confessing that she had touched her face because when she lost so many kilos her face had become very thin. “What have you done to the cheekbones and lips?”, Then asked Paz Padilla without contemplation.

“That his face thins, he says!” Belén Esteban responded with a laugh while Anabel Pantoja said that "What I am trying to say is that I am very fine here", while pointing to the cheekbones. "I wanted to take a form and now I'm a little bloated," he finally confessed.

Anabel Pantoja

Anabel Pantoja

In this way, and although his companions have not been confirmed Save me live, it seems clear that Anabel Pantoja would have retouched her lips and cheekbones through a filler to try to avoid the sagging caused after losing those 30 kilos that she claims to have lost in recent months. To end everyone has raised their hands swearing that no one had touched up at all, dead laughing, Clear.

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