The Salvadoran president thanks Pope Francis for the canonization of Romero

The Salvadoran president thanks Pope Francis for the canonization of Romero

Salvadoran President Salvador Sánchez Cerén thanked Pope Francisco on behalf of his people for recognizing the legacy of Saint Arncfo Romero, canonized last Sunday at the Vatican, the government reported today.

Sanchez Ceren said that this event "unites us as a people that believes in human dignity, in fraternity and strengthens bilateral relations with the Vatican established since 1922," said a statement Monday from the Salvadoran Presidency.

"Our arm has been reinforced with other previous events (to the canonization) such as the appointment of Monsignor Gregorio Rosa Chávez as cardinal, and the good news of the admission of the beatification of Father Rutilio Grande," the president said at a conference the Vatican, according to official information.

Sánchez Cerén also reiterated El Salvador's desire that Pope Francis visit the "land of this new saint" soon.

After the conference, the president, his wife and first lady, Margarita Villalta, the official delegation and Salvadoran pilgrims participated in a special mass of thanksgiving in honor of Saint Romero.

The liturgy took place in the Paul VI Hall in the Vatican, and was presided over by the Salvadoran Cardinal, Gregorio Rosa Chávez, and the members of the Episcopal Conference of El Salvador, led by the Archbishop of San Salvador, José Luis Escobar Alas, indicated the Salvadoran Presidential

Romero, beatified in May 2015 at a massive mass, was characterized by constantly denouncing in his homilies the attacks of the security forces against the civilian population and other violations of Human Rights.

The religious was assassinated on March 24, 1980 by an armed right-wing squadron while he was celebrating mass in the chapel of the Divina Providencia cancer hospital in San Salvador, prior to the outbreak of the Salvadoran civil war (1980-1992).


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