May 18, 2021

The Salvadoran electoral tribunal is asked to guarantee the votes of the disabled

The Salvadoran electoral tribunal is asked to guarantee the votes of the disabled

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador today recommended the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to adapt conditions to guarantee the right to suffrage to persons with disabilities in connection with the presidential elections of February 2019, said the State body.

The Congress submitted an opinion on Wednesday, approved with 59 votes out of the 84 possible, in which they suggest to the TSE "to create the necessary conditions for disabled people to have access to the polling stations and the availability of voting papers according to the needs. "

In addition, the parliamentarians considered it appropriate that the collegiate body make voting ballots available in Braille, to "guarantee the vote in an autonomous way to the blind," said the Congress.

The opinion was presented by deputies of the Commission of Electoral and Constitutional Reforms and, according to the source, if attended by the TSE "it would be possible for a greater number of voters to attend next February 3 to vote".

In the next elections, Hugo Martínez, of the ruling Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation (FMLN, left), will compete for the Presidency; Carlos Calleja, with the Republican Nationalist Alliance (Arena, right); Nayib Bukele for the Great Alliance for National Unity (Ghana); and Joshua Alvarado, with VAMOS.

On October 2, the TSE summoned more than 5.7 million voters to participate in the presidential elections, in which the successor of Salvador Sánchez Cerén will be elected in the Executive.

The president of the TSE, Julio Olivo, said on the day of the convocation that "it is the sixth presidential election since the signing of the Peace Accords", which put an end to 12 years of civil war (1980-1992), and in which "7 political parties will participate".


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