The sales campaign generates more than 3,500 contracts in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The sales campaign generates more than 3,500 contracts in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

Thewinter sale campaignThis year it will generate 3,503 contracts in the Canary Islands, which is 4% more than the previous year, when there were 3,338 jobs, according to the forecasts of the Adecco human resources group.

By provinces,Santa Cruz de Tenerife will count 1,877 contracts and Las Palmas 1,626, both with the same percentage increase, 4%.

Meanwhile, in the whole of Spain, the campaign will generate122,900 contracts, which is 4.1% more. As usual, the sectors that will create more jobs in the period of sales will be those related to high consumption, such as high perfumery, cosmetics, electronics, toys, food, distribution, retail, image, sound, logistics, transportation, hospitality and restoration.

Regarding the number of hirings,customer service and sales force will be the areas that agglutinate more contracts.In particular, the commercial profile (promoters, image hostesses, telemarketers or dependents) will be the most sought after in the sales campaign.

By autonomous communities,Catalonia, with 23,071 contracts, Madrid (16,484 contracts) and Comunidad Valenciana (16,295 contracts) will generate the most jobs for the sales period.

They are followed by Murcia (15,736 contracts), Andalucía (13,378), Castilla y León (6,238), Galicia (5,624) and País Vasco (5,329), Aragón (4,358 contracts), Castilla-La Mancha (4,292 contracts), Navarra (3,516) , Canarias (3.503), Cantabria (2.146 jobs), Asturias (1.239), La Rioja (913 new jobs), Balearic Islands (417) and Extremadura (360).

According to Adecco,all the autonomous communities will improve their figureswith respect to 2018, although it will beCataloniathe one that registers the greater growth in the hiring of reductions, a 9%. They are followed by Madrid and Castilla y León, with increases of 8% in both cases.


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