April 10, 2021

The sale of snuff reports to the Treasury a total of 9,000 million euros

The sale of snuff reports to the Treasury a total of 9,000 million euros


The tax collection derived from tobacco remained stable in 2018 for the sixth consecutive year in the environment of 9,000 million euros, a figure equivalent to the cost that at the time had the construction of the AVE between Madrid and Barcelona.

Specifically, the income through taxes that are levied on all tobacco products (excise taxes and VAT) they added 9,010 million euros, which represents a slight advance of 0.62% compared to 2017, according to the latest data provided by the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market.

After years of falling at double-digit rates of sales, as a result of the economic crisis and successive tax hikes that led to illegal consumption, in 2018 the Total turnover totaled 11,753 million euros, 0.87% more; while in volume it remained unchanged at 53,729 tons.

In this sense, the general director of Adelta (Business Association of the Tobacco), Águeda García-Agulló, has emphasized that both data reflect the stability in the commercialization, "derived from the containment of the illicit market as a result of the good work of the Forces and Bodies and State Security ».

By type of work, sales of cigarettes in volume were 2,231.2 million packs worth 10,167 million euros, equivalent to 86.5% of total sales of snuff and 88% of total revenue tobacco taxes (8,025.5 million euros). Near to 80% of the retail price of a pack of cigarettes is equivalent to taxes.

As for the rest of the work, rolling tobacco, which represents 8.53% of the market in value, increases by 2.82% to 1,002.5 million euros.

On the other hand, cigars and cigarillos, which account for 4.07% of the market in value, lower their turnover by 1.17%; while the pipe bite market rose 48.78% in value, although its sales represent 0.89% of the total.

2019, year «complex»

The year 2019 will be a "complex" exercise for the tobacco sector insofar as it must apply the new traceability requirements required by the new Tobacco Products Directive in cigarette packs and packets of rolling bites. of May 20, that is, in about four months.

In this sense, from Adelta considered "urgent" that the Administration is advancing in the clarification of the different responsibilities and the next steps to give to be able to arrive on time with its compliance.

With the application of this new traceability system, the practical application of the new Tobacco Products Directive is completed, which has meant "important" restrictions to the sector, with new and greater health warnings, presentation requirements or limitation of ingredients.

The new measures required by the new Directive are in addition to the regulations previously in place in Spain. "We are at the head of the European Union andn tobacco control policies and we must guarantee compliance with the strict current legislation ", said García-Agulló.

However, facing the future, Adelta believes that the concept of "smart regulation" ("smart regulation") should be supported, a type of regulation whose effectiveness can be demonstrated with data and in its elaboration, dialogue with all the affected agents , among other characteristics.

In this area of ​​"smart regulation", the awareness and training campaigns to consumers as one of the most effective measures for tobacco control, says Adelta.


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