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The ‘salary’ that Antonio David will charge in ‘GH VIP 7’

It wasn't until Wednesday when we learned one of the best kept secrets of the seventh edition of
Big Brother VIP
: the participation of Antonio David Flores, is from Rocío Carrasco. Three other inhabitants joined him. However, after two galas and the first nominations, the cache that the former civil guard would perceive for being part of the cast of

As you posted PullsAntonio David would to date be the highest paid contestant with a salary which would add up to 30,000 euros per week. In fact, it would knock out the star of the Mila Ximénez edition that if I didn't match it, it would be very close to that figure.

Antonio David Flores, contestant of 'GH VIP 7

Antonio David Flores, contestant of 'GH VIP 7'

After two years away from the media focus, the reappearance of Antonio David Flores on television has a price. And although I would have asked for a larger amount than it has transcended, finally would receive about 30,000 euros a week. The reason for their participation, according to the aforementioned publication, would be a “financial need” given the judicial problems he has had for years with his ex-wife Rocío Carrasco.

In fact, Rocío Jurado's daughter would have asked that his salary will be garnished in GH VIP 7
to be able to collect what you owe.

Rocío Carrasco

Rocío Carrasco
(Europa Press)

Both Antonio David and Mila would be the best paid in the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP with 25,000-30-.000 euros per week. They are followed by Anabel Pantoja and Alba Carrillo with 15,000 euros and El Cejas with 12,000 euros. Already far below would be: Hugo Castejón with 5,000 euros, Dinio with 4,000 euros and Maestro Joao with 3,000 euros. "gh =" "vip =" "mila =" "xim =" "angry =" "for =" "las =" "conditions =" ​​"de =" "la =" "house ="

'GH VIP 7': Mila Ximénez angry at the conditions of the house

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