The salary of managers grows eight times more than that of employees in four years | Economy

The salary of managers grows eight times more than that of employees in four years | Economy

The salaries of employees in Spain have been stagnant for a decade, while middle managers and managers have managed to increase their retribution with the economic recovery. According to a study by the Eada business school carried out together with the ICSA group, based on surveys of more than 80,000 Spanish employees, the average gross salary of employees stood at 22,819 euros per year in 2018, 0.11% more than the last year. The salary of the middle managers is 41,507 euros and that of the managers in 81,059 euros, 2.65% and 2.48% more than the previous year respectively. After four years of economic growth, the salary of employees has only increased 310 euros, while that of managers has increased by 2,454 euros, eight times more.

The study shows that, despite the fact that Spain is chaining several years of economic growth, salaries have stagnated, except for those of managers, who have managed to overcome. "The increases have not been spectacular, much less, but the culture of the last 12 years has been very prudent, with the idea of ​​maintaining the sustainability of the organizations after 2007. Today we have a much more affected economy after 10 or 12 years of recession ", explained at a press conference the president of ICSA, Ernest Poveda.

The comparison with 2007 shows that managers and middle managers they have increased their purchasing power by 1.18% and 2.46%, respectively, while employees have lost 0.3% of their purchasing power. The accumulated inflation from the beginning of the crisis to 2018 has been 16.8%.

The report also breaks down by autonomous communities. Navarra leads the highest salaries, with an average salary of 25,967 euros per employee. The second community in which employees are paid the most is Madrid, with 24,026 euros, followed by Catalonia, with 23,171 euros, País Vasco (22,223 euros) and Asturias (22,181 euros). La Rioja and Extremadura are the autonomous regions with the lowest salaries, of 19,233 and 18,884 euros, respectively.

On the other hand, the communities of Madrid and Catalonia lead the classification of the highest salaries to managers, with 82,310 and 85,347 euros per year, respectively. In intermediate management positions, the highest salaries are also located in Madrid, with 43,703 euros, and in Catalonia, with 42,148.

According to the report, it is in the sectors of banking and insurance that retribution is the most rising, which also improves in the industry and in construction, where those responsible for the study note "a certain recovery". The lowest salaries are found in the tourist and commercial sectors, with 18,583 gross euros per year per employee. Poveda regretted that "employees continue to be paid so badly" in such a strategic sector for the Spanish economy.


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