Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

The salary gap is explained by psychological traits and non-cognitive skills according to the CEOE

La CEOE explica la brecha salarial por diferencias en “rasgos psicológicos y habilidades no cognitivas”

The CEOE This Friday, a report, made with the PwC consultancy, in which it analyzes the wage gap and argues its existence, in part, to the fact that women have greater responsibilities relatives Y domestic, they opt for studies with lower pay, they have less weight in the better paid sectors, their careers are affected by maternity and they suffer more temporary work and part-time work.

To all these reasons, he adds that there are "differences in psychological traits Y non-cognitive skills of men and women (differences in propensity to take risks and negotiate) ". "The origin of the gap is sociocultural, a problem of gender role that creates multiple consequences in different areas such as, for example, the economic, personal or work", is summarized.


Men negotiate better and risk more

Incidentally, men are prone to "take risks and negotiate and compete", which means that they choose occupations with better remuneration or better wages in their negotiations. "Despite the evidence found, it seems that the influence on the salary gap of these aspects is not very high," the study points out.

Employers stress in any case that the wage gap, currently at 12.2%, has been reduced by one third since 2002. This is due to a greater incorporation of women into the world of work since they have an educational level higher than that of women. of men, pick up the report.

The figure, but, increases with increasing age, seniority, salary level and in the sectors with the highest proportion of men. In addition, women tend to studies with lower pay.

Men and women

The employers propose measures to close the gap

As measures to combat the wage gap, the CEOE is committed to measuring those gaps, promoting co-responsibility of men and women in the family, creating an effective system of support for families, encouraging the participation of women in the organs of decision of companies and institutions and sensitize the whole society in the matter of equality.

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