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The sailboat "Union" of Peru arrives in Panama to strengthen bilateral ties

The sailing school "BAP Unión" of the Peruvian Navy, considered one of the largest in the world, docked this Saturday in the port of Balboa, in the capital of Panama, in a visit that reinforces the strong relations between the two countries and their respective naval forces.

Under the command of Captain Kurt Bottger, the sailboat, which in its fourth itinerary of instruction abroad has so far visited seven ports in four countries, arrived in Balboa, on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, from Mazatlan, Mexico .

Bottger told Efe that beyond the fact that the inter-oceanic strip is on the Union route, the sailboat's visit is based on the fact that the relationship between the two countries, and specifically between the National Aeronaval Service of Panama (Senan) and the Navy of Peru, becomes stronger. "

"Relations with the brother country of Panama could not be more auspicious, and it is part of that conjunction of common interests and values ​​in which this visit is framed," Bottger said, and said that as visitors also join the festivities of the 5th Centenary of the Foundation (August 15, 1519) of the City of Panama.

The Union arrived on Friday and before anchoring in Balboa anchored 1.5 nautical miles in front of Flamenco Island, at the entrance of the interoceanic highway, and will remain in Panama until next Tuesday when it will depart back to Peru.

In the dock 6 of the Port of Balboa, the Union was received by the authorities and directors of the Senan, in a ceremony in which the General Commander of the Navy of Peru, Fernando Raúl Cerdán Ruiz, participated.

The ship was baptized as Union in honor of the corvette of the same name that participated in the first stage of the Pacific War, of the late nineteenth century, and whose main mast adorns the entrance of the Naval School of the Peruvian Navy.

Captain Bottger stressed that this year's visit, the eighth visit to Panama, "is perhaps a little short, three days, but no less intense".

"There will be a series of protocol activities with our Panamanian counterparts, government authorities, and an agenda of cadet visits to the Panama Canal, as part of their instruction."

In addition, "the ship will be open (…) waiting for the visits" to enter the sailboat for free.

The vessel, which sailed on March 16 from the Antedique dock of the Callao naval base, is under orders from the Naval School for the training of naval officers and cadets.

It travels with a crew of 250 people, among these 220 officers, 44 naval cadets, 2 from the Peruvian Merchant Navy, 1 Bolivian and 2 Panamanians from the Senan, Carmelo Vásquez, 25, and Rigoberto González, 23.

The Panamanian cadets, according to Bottger, have "fully integrated" the Union's crew as "two more Peruvians, and are in all the activities as good cadets they are."

Cadet Vásquez told Efe that this experience serves "to learn more about the sea and also about leadership and teamwork on a sailing vessel".

Rigoberto González, who like Vásquez studied in the Naval Academy in Peru, stressed that the mission of this ship is "to form ourselves in an integral manner as naval cadets" and on the subject of leadership, teamwork and being more supportive ".

The Peruvian cadet Valeria López-Torres confirmed that the sailing prepares them "for leadership, companionship and teamwork, very important values ​​for our career as sailors".

The "BAP Union", launched on December 22, 2014, was built at the SIMA Peru shipyard in Callao, with Spanish assistance for design, construction and training at sea.

The dimensions of the ship are 115.75 meters of length, a deck of 99 meters in length, displacement 3,200 tons of weight at a speed of 12 knots, and a surface of candles of around 3,400 square meters.

Inside it has an auditorium, a library, a computer platform and classrooms, and its figurehead has a bronze sculpture of the Inca navigator Túpac Yupanqui (1441-1493).

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