June 14, 2021

The Sagrada Familia will build a large cantilever over Mallorca street | Catalonia

The Sagrada Familia will build a large cantilever over Mallorca street | Catalonia

View of the Sagrada Familia from the Mallorca street, where you will install a cantilever on the sidewalk Via In video, this will be the Sagrada Familia.

The plans and projects of the Holy Family do not stop. While the central towers climb through the sky with the final goal of 2026, in the urban planning of the Comprehensive Urban Integral Plan of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, which takes concrete from the total buildability to the mobility of the environment, a new phase is advanced: the construction of a large cantilever at 25 meters high, five meters deep and slightly more than 50 meters long on the façade of La Gloria, on the street of Mallorca. The structure would create an immense pergola up to the very edge of the road.

It would be a structure that the heads of the Construction Board link to the narthex of that façade. It would be, de facto, the first great piece to be able to build the bridge and the stairway on the street of Mallorca that pursues the temple, alleging that it was part of Gaudí's project, an end that has been denied by experts and by reports in the long history of the construction of the temple.

The neighbors of the Sagrada Família are in complete disagreement with this claim of the Holy Family, which has been assumed by the City Council initially – that plan was approved on a government commission on November 22 – and is now in the phase of public exhibition. The neighbors will propose the nullity of this project first before the Administration itself and, later, before the courts.

The great work of Gaudí, in figures

Building. It began in 1882 and is scheduled for completion in 2026, coinciding with the centenary of the death of its ideologist, Antoni Gaudí.

Visits According to the Barcelona Tourism Observatory, in the year 2017 some 4.52 million people visited the basilica.

Height record. When its construction is completed, the Sagrada Familia will be the tallest church in the world. The tower of Jesus Christ will reach 172.5 meters high.

Income. The basilica receives about 50 million euros a year, in large part thanks to the tourists who visit it.

The plans of the temple is that this overhang is greater, specifically, 10 meters deep, which would mean building a tunnel on the street of Mallorca. And so they say in the project: "The roof is located above the street system of Mallorca street with a variable flight of at most 10 meters and a length of 57 centered on the street facade of Mallorca. In the present plan only the execution of the element is foreseen until a maximum flight of 5 meters, coinciding with the width of the sidewalk ".

The growth of this overhang of 5 to 10 meters would occur, according to the plans of the temple, in the second phase of the project, which would focus on the construction of the stairway that would involve the expropriation of farms and affect 3,000 people. It would be in that second phase when other columns -parallel to those that already support the facade of the Glòria and that are outside the limit of the alignment of the façade- would stand on the edge of the sidewalk, which would support the cantilever until reaching the 10 meters.

The project is detailed in different planes that are attached to the end of a long document of 250 folios that assumes, once again, that Gaudí devised this expansion outside the perimeter of the block that occupies the temple, although it is based on some " albums "published by the Construction Board itself. Probably for this reason the story he makes in memory is full of expressions such as "probably" and "could be deduced" when referring to the "project" of Gaudí. One of the data that specifies is that the total buildability of the Sagrada Familia could be 53,000 square meters.

Neighborhood criticism

On the fate and the reason of a structure that could have about 250 square meters of surface and would be raised to 25 meters high, the temple is shielded in that the cantilever is part of the "Gaudí project" and that is normal in many churches . And that its function is to protect people from the rain without being expected to be enabled for other uses. The huge plate would be located above the access door of the Glòria facade.

"This is called megalourbanismo and it's outrageous," says Joan Itxaso, from the neighborhood association of the Sagrada Familia, which does not understand how a consistory governed by a party like the one led by Ada Colau has agreed to the pretensions of the Sacred Family. Plans that were left in the background, when they were not half-hidden, because they were not reported in the announcement of the agreement between the session and the temple last October. The agreement means for the Sagrada Familia to regularize the works, to continue with its planning in exchange for paying 36 million euros in 10 years to pay for the urban wear of the visits of more than four and a half million people and for mobility resources. It will also entail the payment of the corresponding works license, an amount that has not been fixed. "We feel cheated because if that overhang is approved the first step is taken for the stairway and because we have hidden information," adds Itxaso.

This newspaper has tried to clarify the position of the Barcelona City Council regarding the obvious impact of a cantilever of these dimensions and whether its construction will not have more consequences: "The continuity of the project with the access stairway to the Glòria facade by the street Mallorca is not the object of the collaboration agreement and, therefore, does not develop in those documents. "


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