The Sagrada Família successfully completes the placement of its new luminous star

The star of the tower of the Virgin of the Sagrada Família, already in place.

After 10:30 a.m., the crane has yielded cable just above the tower of the virgin mary, which will be, after that of Jesus, who has yet to rise, the second tallest column of the sacred Family. Has released wire to deposit, with extreme softness and caution, the new star that will premiere lighting December 8th. From the street, breath held by visitors and neighbors, who with their hands on their foreheads to avoid the sun, have followed the maneuver. A new step in construction of the Sagrada Família. This, something more symbolic than any stone, due to the harmony that the new element distills, as the Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona announced in his presentation two weeks ago, Joan Josep Omella, who spoke of "historical fact”After a year“ of darkness and tireless struggle ”.

A total of 12 tips, a diameter of 12.5 meters, a weight of 5.5 tons, at a height of 138 meters and with an approximate cost of 1.5 million euros. And capable of withstanding impacts from elements that approach 100 kilometers per hour. The star will open on December 8 with a series of events that will last until well into January.


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