The Ryanair strike in the Canary Islands, with no impact on minimum services

The Ryanair strike in the Canary Islands, with no impact on minimum services

The strike that the Ryanair cabin crew started this Sunday has not had an impact on the airports of the Canary Islands due to, according to the USO union, the "hard" minimum services decreed.

The USO representative at the base of this company in southern Tenerife, Lucía Gajdova, has told Efe that all flights planned both from this airport and from Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, where Ryanair has two other bases, departed with some delay but not because of the strike but because of technical problems with the French controllers.

Specifically, four flights departed from Tenerife, two from Lanzarote and three from Gran Canaria.

Lanzarote airport Strike

Gajdova has affirmed that the minimum services imposed by the Ministry of Development have been fulfilled that have been one hundred percent of the workforce, done, he said, "never seen before."

He has stated that where the strike has been noticed is in the personnel on duty since they have not received any notification that included them in the minimum services so that at the airport there have been no crews or the localized guards have answered the phone calls.

This may influence flights this afternoon or tomorrow, said the union representative, who has warned that before this possibility apparently the company has decided that flights like the one that connects Tenerife with Porto are operated with Portuguese crew .

"This is totally illegal," Gajdova said.

The USO representative said that in mediation before the General Directorate of Labor, the company came "empty-handed" and did not respond to any labor claim with the argument of the strike "makes no sense."

Among other reasons, Ryanair cabin crew protests the closure of the bases that this low-cost company has in Tenerife south, in Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

According to the union leader, in total about 300 people in the Canary Islands and 512 would be affected if the Girona base is also closed, as planned by the company.