Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The Russians take the National Music Auditorium

The Russians take the National Music Auditorium

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Eight years ago, music became the main element of emotions celebrated throughout Europe coinciding with the summer solstice. The National Center for Musical Diffusion (CNDM) organizes since 2011 a party framed within the panel of activities programmed along the lines of "Music's day" in which everyone is invited to participate in the collective passion that classical music generates and that uses the scenario of National Music Auditorium (INAEM unit) from the Madrid capital to be realized and reach the public in a direct and amplified way. Carrying out a celebration under the conditions of this anniversary baptized with the name of "ONLY MUSIC!", The fifth edition of this project is now organized, which grants the Russians the leading role for the first time. "The data of last year's results corroborate that the main purpose for which these cycles were created has been achieved, that is, the approach of music to citizens," Antonio Garde, deputy director of INAEM, commented this morning. the presentation that took place in the Tapestry Room of the auditorium in line with the main objectives of the cycle. WHAT THE RUSSIAN ARE COMING! propose a total of five concerts performed by the four main Madrid orchestrasviz; the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, the Symphonic Orchestra of RTVE and the National Orchestra of Spain, all of which will be directed by an authentic master of ceremonies who possesses the buried humility of the geniuses and the non-negotiable talent of the wise, Josep Pons.

The one who has been considered as the main Spanish conductor of his generation is in charge of this feat for music lovers that will take place on June 22nd in which a total of 500 performers will gather from all the orchestras and will play more than 13 hours of music without interruption, although with the necessary intervals of snack and aperitif to maintain the senses intact. "I really want this adventure. It is an aesthetic and almost gymnastic experience. It will have to be dosed. We also talk about complex synchronies. It is difficult to get the hearts of these orchestras to be able to beat at the same pace. It's going to be something really beautiful, "Pons assured with remarkable enthusiasm about a project that aims to rescue the finishes of the Russian ballets of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries with symphonies of Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Prokofiev or Aleksander Borodin and democratize the concept of a music that not only restricts its audience to the regulars but also remains committed to the cultural purpose of getting new ones.


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