The Russian yacht Tango docked in Palma, threatened by possible EU sanctions for Ukraine

The Russian yacht Tango docked in Palma, threatened by possible EU sanctions for Ukraine

The mega yacht Tango It's one of the Russian ships that are currently in the crosshairs of possible international sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. Last weekend the EU and the United States announced corrective packages against big Russian businessmen close to the Government of the country due to the entry of troops into Ukraine. waiting for the targeted sanctions against tycoonsthe russian millionaire Viktor Vekselberg, close to Putin, prepares in Palma like every winter its megayacht, the Tango.

The ship, valued at about €150 millionwas this Monday moored in Astilleros Mallorca, where maintenance work and the tuning of the ship are being carried out. From outside, it was possible to see the cabin area, partially covered with cardboard. In the early hours of the day the bustle of the workers was also considerable. Boxes of material were taken in and out of the yacht in several batches.

The boat, from 77 meters long, reached Palm last January 30 from Fethiye, Turkey. And, for the moment, it continues docked in Ciutat. Her hull is white with a metallic gray and blue superstructure. Her four motors allow her to achieve a impressive speed of 22 knots. The boat can accommodate fourteen people in seven cabins. It has a swimming pool, a massage and beauty salon and a spacious terrace with an open-air cinema. Tango also has room for 20 crew members. The yacht was built by Feadship in 2011. The boat was the winner of the World Superyacht Awards in 2012. According to Superyacht Fan, it is equipped with a 9-meter limousine tender.

While Tango is still in Palma, there is already, according to La Vanguardia, a Russian mega yacht docked in Barcelona that set sail in a hurry on Saturday at noon heading for Tiva, a port located in Montenegro, a territory that no longer belongs to the EU. It was the Galactica, Vagit Alekperov.

the of Palma, next to Barcelona, ​​where several superyachts of Russian millionaires are also staying, according to El Mundo published last Saturday, is one of the ports that in winter are filled with megayachts to be cared for and inspected. In its shipyards, the engines, hulls and even the wood of the deck are sanded. The Tango is a regular during the winters in Palma for maintenance. Palma is the port with greater specialization in this type of boat.

On the other hand, Spain has already proposed to its European partners to close European ports to russian ships, just as has been done with the airspace to the flights, landings and takeoffs of Russian aircraft. "We are proposing a series of measures ranging from ban and export of ships, the ban on victualling and also supply to Russian-flagged ships", said this Monday the Minister of Transport Raquel Sánchez. They are studying the prohibition of Russian-flagged ships docking in Spanish ports and even those that, without having a Russian flag, have Russian capital.

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