August 1, 2021

The ruling of the Supreme Court for black cards places Rodrigo Rato at the gates of prison

The ruling of the Supreme Court for black cards places Rodrigo Rato at the gates of prison

Rodrigo Rato will be imprisoned in the next few days if the National Court applies the criteria adopted in similar cases. The decision of the Supreme Court to confirm the judgment issued in the first instance leads to the immediate execution of the same, although Rato resorts to the Constitutional Court, explain sources of the National Court.

The Fourth Section of the National Court can issue a writ with the immediate entry into prison of Rato, once the decision of the Supreme Court has been notified. For this, the judges who judged Rato would be based on criteria such as the risk of escape, although the sources consulted remember that the condemned has served all the requirements of justice until now and that more serious accusations weigh on him than for the one that He has now been sentenced in a final judgment.

To dictate the order of entry into prison, the court does not have to consult the parties. In any case, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office and the popular accusation, which the Inter-union Confederation of Savings Banks (CIC) has exercised, have announced that they will oppose an eventual suspension of the sentence.

In the event that Rato appeals to the Constitutional Court, he will first present an event of nullity of sentence, which the National High Court will ignore at the time of agreeing to his entry into prison. According to the sources consulted, if the court that interprets the Magna Carta establishes that the rights of the ex-director of the IMF have been violated, he must order his release from prison, but Rato's defense initiative will never paralyze the decision of the court to send Rato immediately to jail.

The decision of which jail Rato enters is a decision that transcends the courts and corresponds to the prison administration. The start of the hearing for the main piece, the Bankia case, is scheduled for November 26. This fact will be crucial for Rato, with family roots in Madrid, to be imprisoned in a prison near the National Court, where he would be transferred daily by police vehicle for trial sessions, scheduled until July of the following year. . Whenever the court deems it necessary to attend all those sessions or if he wishes to attend them.


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