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Rubén Doblas, The Rubius, Queen on the Internet, as youtuber with more than 30 million subscribers to its channel. And the products that emerge from your signature also instantly become successful. Like books, diaries and even the series of comics Virtual Hero, starring himself, written by Juan Torres and illustrated by Lolita Aldea. The trio has reunited again in a production of Zeppelin TV for Movistar that adapts the comic in format of series anime, under the direction of Alexis Barroso. And before its broadcast they went through the Sitges festival to promote it. The first six episodes can already be seen from this Friday on Movistar +, and from November the other 6 installments that will complete the first season will be broadcast weekly.

However, the day of glory for The Rubius was not such. "I have a few tenths of fever," he said at the start of a strange press conference, his only appearance before the media as he canceled the subsequent interviews due to illness. He cared for his fans, who enjoyed his appearances and walks around the Meliá hotel, the venue of the event. On the other hand, those followers did not come last Sunday to the screening of the first three episodes of Virtual Hero: in the auditorium there were two thirds of entry (at 8 euros the ticket, some mothers with several children complained), in a room that usually stays with spectators outside (as it did with the two subsequent screenings of other films).

What Virtual Hero He appeared in a film festival did not imply any contradiction for The Rubius, unaccustomed to speak in public at age 28, who believes that the film "interests young people more than ever." And he explained: "Movies like Guardians of the Galaxy they show that cinema is at the highest point in its history. Many think that young people are not moviegoers, but I know more and more many who see the cinema in a creative way, who want to continue watching the cinema on the big screen, if only for the experience or for the quality of the audio ".

Rubius, in the presentation of 'Virtual Hero' in Sitges.
Rubius, in the presentation of 'Virtual Hero' in Sitges.

The original fiction director of Movistar +, Domingo Corral, said: "Movistar seeks to reach young adult audiences and in this strategy of looking for attractive products for young audiences, adults and families, we find Rubén Doblas comics". After their first meeting, Corral discovered that El Rubius was "passionate about telling the story he had created, he is a madman anime, and it has a high level of demand. "During two years of work, the series has been developed in a collaboration between Motion Pictures, a Barcelona studio that has been responsible for the design of characters and backgrounds, and the Korean studio. Jaruyi, who has been responsible for the animation process. That's why The Rubius said: "The main difficulty of the project was the communication with the Koreans, after working so many years on the subject, you end up seeing the good and the bad, and realizing that with YouTube videos I worked alone and with the animation series I have collaborated with a team of one hundred people ".

By the way, as he neither writes nor draws, the youtuber - which was temporarily withdrawn a few months ago due to the anxiety it suffered - has been commissioned in the series of the work of "creative adviser", which made "changes in the script, and closely followed the design of the characters", that have been modernized with respect to the comic, in addition to doubling on screen. Around the series has been filmed a documentary that follows the Rubius as a creator of the Transformation and a virtual reality experience presented in a tent in Sitges. All around an audiovisual product that, according to its Alma mater, is about "how Internet communities work and emphasizes their toxic part".

Work is already being done on a second part, said Domingo Corral; the announcement was received by The Rubius with an "Oh, yes?" We will have to see how the spectators react with a series that seems destined to a more childish audience of the possible audience that its creators expected.

The Rubius made several absolutely sincere comments. As when he apologized for his dubbing ("I improve as the series progresses, I apologize for the first three episodes") or when, asked by a Movistar journalist for the chain's intention to come up with content created by him to a wider audience youth: "Movistar seeks the public that the youtubers"Something that immediately corrected Domingo Corral:" No, we do content with talented people, who know how to develop the product. If you take people thinking only of their followers, the result is a disaster. "


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