May 14, 2021

The RTVE News Council rejects the generalized attack on public television

Madrid, Apr 10 (EFE) .- The Information Council of Spanish Radiotelevision (RTVE) has rejected this Saturday the “generalized attack” on public television from different political parties and “encouraged” by some media or opinion leaders, “from both sides of the ideological spectrum.”

In a statement, the Council explains that in recent days, different political parties and candidates for the Madrid Assembly have made “serious accusations of manipulation or bad information practices” against TVE and its professionals.

In many cases it is “a voracious gratuitous defamation that only pursues partisan or electoral objectives, not the general interest of improving the public service that we provide.”

In no way are they justified, the statement continues, the personal disqualifications or insults that, lately, “too often, TVE’s grassroots professionals suffer in public and in private,” a situation “that worsens day by day.”

He points out that TVE is facing decisive times for its future and viability and they warn “without distinction” all political parties, their supporters and citizens and the media in general with the hashtag #RTVEdeTodosYDeNadie.

The Council recalls that “when it has been pertinent” it has pointed out and regretted the errors made “some, serious” by different TVE spaces, doing an internal investigation and proposing recommendations to avoid their being reproduced in the future.

However, a public television, like any other public or private organization, “is not exempt from making mistakes or falling into bad practice”, and therefore must accept criticism and seek to improve its performance.


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