October 21, 2020

The Royal Theater says it complied with the regulations

The president of the Royal Theater Board of Trustees, Gregorio Marañón

The Royal Theater complied with current regulations, which does not require separation, This was explained this Monday by the president of his board of trustees, Gregorio Marañon, who announced that they will explore new ways to please everyonebut not those with a “subjective feeling of security with the norm.”

“Can you imagine that you buy a plane ticket and do not travel because there is no separation,” Marañón asked himself during the press conference in which he told that Real on Sunday had a 51% capacity, below its current capacity, set at 65%.

He has also confessed that he is making an “effort” to understand the viewers of the so-called “paradise” area that forced the cancellation of the Masquera Balloon function.


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