Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The Royal Theater presents its season 2019-2020

The Royal Theater presents its season 2019-2020

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Listening to Joan Matabosch explain the 2019-2020 season (and it has already happened with the previous ones, we give faith) is to receive a master class. And it is appreciated. The artistic director of the Teatro Real unveiled yesterday, after doing the same in "matins" for the board, the twelve titles that will form the 2019-2020 season of the Royal Theater of which seven will be new additions and three absolute premieres in Spain. The work of him and his team has focused on «putting the accent on the new, on what challenges and leaves the comfort zone and make it compatible with really popular titles». Read, if not.

Between the dozen of titles that are going to arrive began by the one that supposes a happy recovery of the Spanish operatic patrimony. "I'm going to start by putting the accent on the new," he said. And it started with a resounding "Achille in Sciro", title that recovers the Spanish patrimony "and that is one of the best operas written in the XVIII century. It was made for the Spanish court, "Matabosch said. Its author is Francesca Corselli, born in Italy but practically Spanish who lived more than 40 years in Madrid and became a reference in the scenic world. The work premiered at the Casón del Buen Retiro and has never been represented for the public, "so it is completely unknown, which is a real event to see it on stage," he said.

Next title in red: «La pasajera», by Mieczyslaw Weinberg, composed in the sixties of the last century and which has remained unpublished until 2010-2011. It is based on an autobiographical account of who suffered the horror of living in a concentration camp and today can still offer his testimony. For Shostakovich it is a masterpiece of the twentieth century. On the podium will be David Afkham, titular director of the OCNE. De Aribert Reimann will go on stage «Lear» at its premiere in Spain, it is written in the words of Matabosch «very daughter of Wozzeck and of the aesthetics of Hans Zimmermann». There will also be room for a chamber opera, "Into the Little Hill," which he defined as "a perverse interpretation of '' The Pied Piper of Hamelin ''", premiered in Paris in 2006 and for the first time in the Colosseum. As for "Three Tales," it is a "video opera that reflects on the future based on three twentieth-century events: the mid-air explosion of the Hinderburgh zeppelin in 1937, the nuclear tests at the end of World War II on Bikini Island. and the cloning of the Dolly sheep ».

A special place deserves "Il pirata", a title that has never been seen before on the stage of the Real because of its extraordinary difficulty for the voices. "It is fundamental in the evolution of the opera and with which the myth of the tenor is born, because Bellini wrote it for who was the artist of the moment, Giovanni Battista Rubini", in whom he wanted to combine the deep and acute tones, which led to that the relations between composer and singer would be enriched. "There is no one to sing it and in this theater we are going to program it at the highest level in three fabulous deals".

Novelty will also be "Iris", by Mascagni, which according to Matabosch has several points in common with the Puccinian "Madama Butterfly", although it also diverges, since "Iris is like a Cio-Cio San that does not evolve, which remains the same as Throughout the opera and its dramatic potential is quite minor ». From "Don Carlo", by Verdi, which will open the season 2019-2020 on September 18, the so-called version of Modena will be seen and the successful and funny title of Donizetti "L'elissir d'amore" will be restored, with the scene of Damiano Michieletto that was already seen in 2013-2014.

Small voices

Almost by popular acclaim also returns Mozart's "The Magic Flute" in the applauded version that makes a nod to Barrie Kosky's silent film. The Tetralogy will continue with the staging of "The Valkyrie", by Wagner, directed by Heras-Casado and with stage direction by Robert Carsen, without forgetting another of the titles of repertoire and claim of this season, "La traviata" with address of scene of Willy Decker, with Lisette Oropesa as one of the four Violettas, with Ismael Jordi as another of the many Alfredos and Plácido Domingo heading the quartet of Giorgios. Three will be the ballets that will perform (the English National Ballet, the National Ballet of Spain and the Nederlands Dans Theater) and there will be many other lyric concerts starring Anna Netrebko, who will sing along with her husband the tenor Yusif Eyvazov next November 1 (arias and duos from Cilea, Leoncavallo, Boito, Puccini, Giordano, Catalani and Lehar, among others). It will not be the only one of the golden voices that will resound in the Coliseum: on May 15, 2020 Joyce DiDonato will review arias by Monteverdi, Gluck, Händel and Purcell, and ten days later Philippe Jaroussky will return, with arias, among others, by Vivaldi , Porpora, Händel and Caldara. The great diva of the moment sang at the Teatro Real in 2001 in «Guerra y paz», by Prokofiev. Since that it has rained a lot. She has grown artistically and her figure has become bigger. She returns to the Coliseum with whom she has become her regular repertoire partner, her husband.


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